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Yoga at Home

10 Day 15-Hours Online Certified Spiritual Yoga Teaching & Practice Course for Spiritual Seekers of Yoga.

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic at this time, and the impossible travel situation, TYOGA has designed carefully crafted ONLINE Courses for YOU to continue your quest in yoga - to be trained by able and skilled traditional teachers into your home.


JOIN US NOW and discover by experiencing yoga with us.

10 Day ONLINE Kundalini Yogam Yogic Practice & Training. Please APPLY NOW as places are limited

Kundalini Yogam is one of the most precious aspects of our lives to be trained into.

Ancient Citta Astrology Practice - Kavada Sasitaram

ON-LINE Consultation by Appointment Only

We do limited Consultations Each Month


The Cosmos influences all life on Earth. It influences people and their notions and also about their individual grander schemes.

As life is dynamic, our actions are governed by our thoughts, actions and what we do that builds the picture based on our Karmic pattern. This picture is ever-evolving and our present and future are governed by this.

Citta Astrology is to understand this picture and to keep in touch with its ever-changing face to make such positive actions ensuring that you are on the right direction and path for your outcomes to be positive to easily move forward thereby reducing your karmic influences that govern your life.

Citta Astrological Consultation 



The practice of Kundalini Yoga


“The Course teaches the numerous benefits of incorporating Kundalini Yogam into your life.

The purpose is to give you an ‘understanding’ of the practice and then to do it yourself."

Practice of Kundalini Yogam

in the Ancient Cittar Methods

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For Spiritual Seekers who want to be in the Ambiance of Chidambaram



Our Residential Courses in South India are Open for Admission for June 2021 Courses and Programmes at our Kurukulam. Please Apply NOW.

Intensive Short Term Course

Intensive Short Term Course

Academic Vocational Course

With the increasing demand for short term courses in yoga,  TYOGA has designed its courses within the ancient system of practices and teaching for those keen to study and be trained in Cittar Yogam – Especially when Yoga touches on so many of the biggest challenges in our lives.

Cittar Yogam is now the way of yoga in the 21st century – the final solution!

Coronavirus: Information for Current and Prospective Students

The global spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) and that too in India is already having a massive impact on all educational institutions. If you are currently or prospective student with TYOGA and are concerned as we are about the impact the coronavirus may have on your studies and you coming to India to our center, this page will be regularly updated with the latest information and advice.


Concerns about whether you need to change your study plans are understandable under the ever-changing daily conditions and lifestyle around us. While the full extent of the Covid-19 pandemic remains uncertain, we assure our new applicants that their application will be processed and dates of joining will be fixed according to travel plans available to India and back safely.  

Tyoga is about making an impact... a change in YOU!    We are HOME to Ancient Tamil Cittar Yogam Teachings, Practices, and Lifestyle. JOIN US NOW.

About the Ancient Tamil Cittars

Many Thousands of years ago, Tamil ‘Cittars  சித்தர் ‘  addressed the conundrum of eternal life. The directions to realise these were written in Tamil literary hymns which have been used as a guide by many generations. Citta is a perfect perspective (a world view) of life to live, experience and relish.


Citta is the Tamil term which denotes those who have successfully achieved a liberated state of the mind. It is a term that has several inter-connected and overlapping meanings. A Cittar is a person who has achieved a state of spiritual enlightenment – a state of perfection as a being. He or She is a completed one, fulfilled and accomplished, a God realised being alive in the world for the sake of mankind and all living beings.

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Home of the Ancient Tamil Citta Yogam Tradition

TIRUMULAR YOGAM - TYOGA is leading the way in the field of Yoga studies and Teachings of the Ancient Tamil Cittars. This is a niche yogic mystical ancient teaching and practice of the ancient Tamil Cittars known to be super-beings who worked on a  holistic perspective of mind, body, soul, existence, and reality and a proper way of living in total wellness, that has evolved since over 15,000 plus years.  Cittars focussed on the longevity of their lives to accomplish their yogic practices during their life span.

TYOGA would like to welcome you to join our vibrant community of Cittar students.  Discover YOGA at its best; find out for yourself through our teachings and practices, and let us help guide you through the admissions process. You will find information about our NEW Online Courses, Diploma in Citta Yogam, PG Diploma in Citta Yogam, Teacher Training Courses, and Youth Continuing Education Courses. These are Yoga Foundation and Lifestyle Management Programmes for preparing students who want to enjoy the higher teachings and practices of yoga or yogam, with the focus on CITTAR YOGAM. The practices are designed for international practitioners.

Our CWS and NATURE PATH programmes are designed as a one-Stop-Solution to have a healthy body and mind keeping one fit! Ancient Citta technology is now available for a 21st-century lifestyle. 

In these uncertain times, we want to reassure you that TYOGA is looking forward to welcoming new and continuing students to work their Journey of Life in the Ancient Cittar System of practices, to live a Purposeful life to its Final Conclusion.

What We Do... Our Focus


Tirumular Yoga Kurukulam is a CITTAR awareness and teaching center of yogam and much more. The teachings of Tirumular set you on this journey of yogam to know ‘Thyself.’ The ancient Cittars have a system working for them to achieve the highest yogam. Tyoga is home for such a journey.


Citta Wellness System is a lifestyle management programme for people to have a healthy body, mind and soul. It is a Citta lifestyle followed by the ancient ones that CWS now brings for people in the 21st century to follow and reap the results. CWS is a membership programme for specific needs


Spiritual Quest is a natural part of human experiences. To seek what is beyond is our natural nature. The Temple of Yoga is such a quest within the spiritual teachings of the Cittars, Tamil Culture and Traditions. A Pilgrim’s Journey sets you going on this enquiry. You begin your journey here.

youth empowerment to skill

TYOGA builds programmes for Youth ages 16 to 24 to empower them with skill and knowledge to live a successful dedicated responsible life thereby touching others. We offer now a profession to become a ‘Yoga Teacher’ in the Cittar Yogam Tradition and Teachings. Placement is offered within India and abroad.


Citta Wellness System

Citta Wellness System focuses on preventive lifestyle modifications and activities. Focus is on early identification of the cause with a holistic approach to lifestyle management, where people can lead a normal life with an appropriate lifestyle that is instituted.

Ancient Tamil Cittar is a system developed and used by ancient Cittars to have a healthy body and mind so that they can devote themselves to their spiritual practices living longer and healthy. They were masters in this art of wellness to ensure that the human body was functioning at its optimum.

It can help with


We do whatever it takes to ensure that you live a happy, productive life. 

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle management regimen through a combination of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Spiritual practices, Diet etc.


A powerful ancient discipline that focuses on a complete balance between body and mind.

Coronary Issues

To start, assess your risk factors and work to keep them low. The sooner you identify and manage your risk factors, the better your chances of leading a heart-healthy life.


An ancient practice to bring forth a baby. 

Stress Management

Maintaining good health, where both body and mind function in harmony is a bliss. 


Nature Path


What was Being Said About TYOGA...

"Excellent source for SPIRITUAL GROWTH. A pathway to Enlightenment, Empowering, Soul Soothing, and Powerful Awakening Tools is the Cittar Tradition and Teachings!"

— Christian Lukas

Find your Volunteering Expertise


Skill-Based Volunteering

Here are opportunities to offer yourselves within your field of expertise. We welcome you to volunteer short-term or long-term, at Tyoga, Chidambaram or from home. We are looking for willing, qualified individuals, who can deliver our projects and become a part of the TYOGA community. Volunteering can be tailor-made to a person’s talents, time requirements, and other considerations.

Kurukulam Management Volunteering

The range of activities that serve as the backbone of the gurukulam includes volunteering in House Keeping, Kitchen, Student Care, Dining among others etc. To ensure a total classical experience of the finest for others in real terms.

 Only skilled volunteers are required.

Event Management & Media Volunteering

Our Volunteers are offered the first-hand experience of creating a different social media precence on the internet and also for our yearly events, workshops, seminars, music programmes. Strengthening TYOGA's platform to reach and share with others our events in Tamil Nadu, and in the near future across the world.

Explore with TYOGA


Ancient citta


Explore the vast body of knowledge that lies beyond the boundaries of conventional western medicine, including naturopathic system – simply the Ancient Citta System.



Examine the teachings and texts, ancient history, and Law of Humanity of the Ancient Tamil Civilisation and their practices that long existed before the Vedic times.  

ANCIENT Lifestyle


The ancient Cittars left us  lifestyle technology that were blended with spirituality to live well. Unravel the secrets of the Cittars to get a glimpse of how science, technology, and spirituality have been combined. 

Your Cittar Yogam Journey Starts Here

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Our Upcoming Projects

Our On-going Passion


Tyoga is a Gurukuam to provide a Citta Education and Lifestyle through Yogic teachings and practices. This centre has begun  as the root centre where all existing activities are being held and where many new activities can be developed for the future. We have now begun to develop this project further by expanding this centre for the benefit of our students, members and youth for training and experiencing a way of life that leads to a higher road in one’s spiritual quest – to seek and to know! This centre is being designed and expanded so that the environment being the critical element is for inspiring and preparing next-generation teachers, artists, theologians and production pros to serve all human beings dedicated to developing themselves for the higher road in life.


The Garden School of Chidambaram is being planned to open in 2022 for Children in the 3rd and 4th standards. It is based on a British Curriculum school standard for children aged 3 – 11. The curriculum brings the best of Eastern practices with British Education in an environment of ancient gurukulam practices as we fully recognise the importance of a smooth and trouble-free integration into the academic and social life of the child and its future. The gurukulam is designed to recognise each student as an individual and train accordingly by discipline and lifestyle in order to encompass the widely varying needs and experiences of the pupil as he or she grows up in the 21st century and becomes aware to handle life in its complexities. As an International School Gurukulam, covers the full primary age range.

TYOGA has set it base in Malaysia for its CWS and Citta Yogam programmes. The centre is based in Kuala Lumpur and its aim is to help young Malaysians for a better future as its core aim and to create a travel destination for foreigners to come to Malaysia to our Citta Yogam and Citta Wellness System Centre. The Malaysian Centre is the first International destination of Tyoga outside India. Malaysia has had ancient connections with the Tamil heartland where these traditions are still prevalent in Malaysia. The beautiful practice of Yogam has spread far and wide throughout the world from its roots even in ancient times to the turbulent heart of downtown New York City. Western civilisation embraced this spiritual practice as a refuge from the chaotic mind and a way towards inner peace. It is now Citta Yogam for 21st-century living.


Who We Are...

Work with TYOGA …

TRANSFORM and EVOLVE  - Answer life’s deeper questions and go beyond the mainstream narrative with US – student support, a lifestyle member of truth seekers and believers, empowering evolution of consciousness that challenge modern paradigms and allow you to manifest the reality that defines your being.

Explore your spiritual ‘self’ that could well change your life! Liberation is a fundamental longing in every form of life. The possibility of self-realization and Truth is available for all.


Drawing upon the Tamil Citta teachings of Cittar Tirumular presents an evocative portrait of a contemporary mystic and guru - a man who has given the mystery of life to mankind and a road to follow.


How Can I Support?

Please join in and support us in our work for a better life for all.


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We are not affiliated or connected to any other Organizations. We work independently for our Citta Yogam community.

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