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Why Cittar Yogam ?

Liberating & Integrating the Total Personality

The Ancient Tamil Cittars approached Life and its purpose with a Holistic and Spiritual dimension and aims at balancing, Mind, Body and Soul - their focuses on the full development potential of the whole person. The defining feature being that human life is characterised by the need to continually grow to its final conclusion. This is Cittar Yogam. They were Truth Seeking Beings.

The practices of Cittar Yogam is the oldest, continuous tradition of knowledge and practice in existence. 

Cittars are enigmatic beings having achieved Spiritual Realisation and Supernatural powers, as they are Accomplished Perfect Masters. Their tradition is a Timeless Spiritual Culture and Lifestyle. They are fully deeply Spiritual Beings who have unlocked the abilities of the human being’s living life -simply Mystical Masters of Yogam.

"I sought 'Him' in terms of 'I' and 'You'

But "He' who knows not 'I' from "You'

Taught me the Truth that "I' indeed is 'You'."


Cittar Tirumular




2021 - 2022


Yogic Journey

Methods of attaining God-realisation and to spiritual wisdom.

Cittar Temple

Ancient Cittar System of Spiritual Practices to develop your connection to the Spiritual world.


Continuing Education & Profession for YOUTH

Become an International Master in Yoga in 3 years after finishing school and build your professional life in a way that you would not have imagined!

On-Line Programmes & Training

We offer Programmes and Workshops for Human Wellness through Yoga, Diet and Training in the Cittar Yogam system.


TYOGA International

TYOGA's work in other countries


L3iC TYOGA  together bring the 'FEEL ALIVE' programme to address 'Burnout' and  'Stress' conditions that Employees at Corporates and Students undergo in present day environments they are subjected to live and perform.


Spiritual Journey

A Spiritual Retreat of 7 Days and 12 special Temples in Tamil Nadu - the Heart land of ancient spiritual culture and practices.

A journey to get in touch with yourself!



Plant Based Nutrition & Lifestyle

Ancient CIttar Plants for a plant-based diet that provides ample supply of all the nutrients needed for optimal health.

Coronavirus - Covid - 19 and other variants

Information for Admitted Residential Students for our Courses and for others Booked on our Retreats for 2021September Onwards travelling to our Centers in Tamil Nadu

The global spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), that too in India is already having a massive impact on ones way of life, activities and on all educational institutions. If you are currently or prospective student with TYOGA,  and are concerned as we are, about the impact the Coronavirus may have on your studies and activities with us,  this page will be regularly updated with the latest information and advice for you to follow.


Concerns about whether you need to change your study plans are understandable under the ever-changing daily conditions and lifestyle around us. While the full extent of the Covid-19 pandemic remains uncertain, we assure our new students and retreat members that their application/bookings will be processed and dates of joining will be fixed according to travel plans available within and to India and back safely.  

Who We Are...

Work with US … TRANSFORM and EVOLVE  with CITTAR- Answer life’s deeper questions and go beyond the mainstream narrative with TYOGA – student support, a lifestyle member of truth seekers and believers, empowering evolution of consciousness that challenge modern paradigms and allow yourself to manifest the reality that defines your very being and with NaturePath that guides you through Plant Based Nutrition for total wellbeing.

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School of Cittar Yogam


Plant Based Nutrition & Lifestyle

Cittar International Kurukulam

Residential School for

NRI Children

Feel Alive

Burnout & Stress Conditions we Address


Unlock Possibilities

Enhance the way you Live Your Life!

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