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 Autonomous training and learning takes the teacher out of the picture and allows a student to create and follow their own learning path. It is more about a learner’s ability to take charge of their own learning. Learner autonomy can enhance a learning strategy and act as a driver of learner engagement. With an autonomous learning approach, students are often better prepared for their job function and life itself.


It is important for our teachers to provide knowledge constantly available to our students. The trick is to organize that knowledge and distribute it to learners when they need it, or at least have it sorted in a way that allows the learner to know they’re able to easily access the information they need, when they need it most.



TYOGA’s training is providing our students with the chance to make their own path, we are directly empowering the decisions they make and allowing them to creatively embark on their own learning adventure. Creativity also goes hand-in-hand with curiosity and forms the bedrock of what makes individuals hungry to learn. Remember that  “Curiosity is the wick of the candle of learning.”


The autonomy of our student learners to chart their own course is an invaluable asset when setting out a learning strategy. A thinking-outside-of-the-box mentality that fosters innovation and free-thinking.