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Be a Part of the Cittar Family

Being a practitioner and student of the Cittar Tradition and lifestyle, going into these practices of spiritual development brings about positive personal change to the individual. You cannot put a price tag on the experiences one gains. It is a continuous enriching experience that one keeps discovering. It is an enriching experience discovering one’s self, a self-cultivation practice and lifestyle. Involved with discipline that becomes a lifestyle of order and not chaos. This brings to people that benefits so much ways from health both mental and physical, to an understanding on life the universe and its nature.

The Cittar teachings are so brilliant and in depth, they go into details on the origin of life and matter from the most microscopic original matter to the structure of spatial dimensions larger, outside the realm in which we inhabit. The Cittar teachings and way of life are to be the most complete teaching of life itself and its purpose and gives the formulations for one to gain their very own experiences.

Based on this people come together as a ‘Cittar Family.’ People who join together in this journey.

We all have biological families.  We also may have extended families from marriage.  Some of those relationships are a blessing, and some of them are a burden.  We all have some family members with whom we would gladly spend our time.  Then there are those who we see only out of obligation.  We may share some beliefs and interests with our family members, or we may have zero common ground.

A Cittar family, however, is different.  When a Cittar family meets, we come together voluntarily.  The common denominator between its members isn’t DNA or looks or brains or affluence.  Rather, a community that comes together based on a common belief in working towards a higher purpose of life they can achieve.

When we are part of a Cittar community, we are encouraged to be better people.  The community inspires people. There are checks and balances and so an automatic support to steer you in the right direction constantly goes on.

Being involved in a Cittar community also typically puts you in contact with other good people who are on a similar part to ‘Simple living and High thinking.’ Being in the community you are encouraged consistently to move in a positive direction of life and practices.

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