Professional Yoga

Teacher Course 

Continuing Education With Placement

2 + 2 + 1 Years of Training, Teaching to be a Master in Yogic Practices as a Profession

International Certificate Course



To use a metaphor, suppressing a vital energy source is like holding back the water from a mountain spring!


Citta Yogam is the mountain spring source – pure in its nature and human beings are the vital energy source. It is necessary to reach this source to receive pureness. The Citta Yogam is such a source given to us by great human beings who perfected their lifestyle to become immortal and powerful since over 15,000 years.


Citta Yoga Teacher Training Course has been specially designed for youth as ‘Continuing Education’  so that they can receive vital knowledge and practices for this source and develop their lives to live their life in this lifetime with purpose.


This Course is a 2 + 2 + 1 year vocational teaching and training, grooming the individual to take the path of being a perfect human being. To become an example to others to follow thus becoming a teacher and eventually becoming a master to foster positive growth for all in this 21st-century life we now lead.


The course has been designed to take on students who have not completed their 10th standard. Students who can excel in yogic practices will have a wonderful journey in these teachings.

TYOGA sets high standards of practice nurchering youth along the way to perform and attain their goal.

Citta Yogam Youth Teacher Course                   

2 + 2 + 1 Residential Course with Placement

Much of Yoga today has been taken out of context and has lost its true goal and purpose.


Tyoga Yoga Youth Teacher Training Courses changes all that by training our students, in the ultimate goal and aim of yoga, to reach it, and teach it. It is these students that take the high road of yoga as true teachers and justly teach others.


Tyoga sets standards of yoga for its new breed of Yoga Teachers, to be highly trained and skilled, and ensured to deliver age-old teachings and practices for the greater good of mankind rooted from our Gurukulam at Chidambaram.


Though Hatha and Ashtanga are being taught all over the world and in India to, as the mainstream of yoga, the Tamil Citta Teachings of yogam are not known. These Citta teachings of yogam are ancient and are pre-Vedic. It can be said to be the oldest teachings and narrated experiences of yogam and spiritual practices in the world.


Our YTTC Courses are in a small class of a maximum of 12 students each year. The first year sets the foundation for training our students to become disciplined and focused. This sets the tone in the practice to grow into the grand road of yoga, introducing ‘Citta Yogam’ as the main subject as training in yoga. The next years are growth years to ultimately become a master in Citta Yogam.




TYOGA YES programme welcomes YOUTH who aspire to be young leaders with knowledge. YES is a Youth Empowerment Skill Programme highly researched and developed to deliver youth as professionals based on traditional experiences and knowledge as a curriculum for WELLNESS. Our traditional practices are based on timeless practices of human wellness now for the 21st-Century Living.

Youth Are Our Future

In the history of the world, change often starts with the young. Young people look at the world with fresh eyes. They see the world as it is and ask “why?” and imagine a different world and ask “why not?”


Youth are the future, and without engaging them, their potential to become thought leaders, inspirators and peace builders would be lost. That is why TYOGA supports programmes for youth empowerment, training and advocacy, among others in Chidambaram.


“Young people are an indispensable part of the solution to the difficulties in their societies”


If we do not invest in young people, we basically divest in future generations at a crucial moment in the history of humankind. Young people’s contribution is integral to building sustainable peace, preventing conflict and countering extremism.


Supporting youth and realising a life and future for them is TYOGA’s work within the Citta Traditions.


TRAIN – To prepare youth for their jobs in an arena of professionalism and provide high driven skills


LINK – To connect the youth with the employment opportunities available to them


THRIVE – Youth support to succeed in their jobs and entrepreneurship


ENABLE – A life of purpose and devotion to one's work and the world.


LIVE – A transformed better-dignified life that goes to giving back to those in need……


About YES

The Youth Empowerment Programme seeks to equip Youth – young people with a profound understanding of their own potentials. It aims to enhance the power of expression, to help them develop moral capabilities, explore their unique talents and release their capacities for service in the Health and Wellness Industry as an excellent  Professional Practitioner.

The programme is known as YOUTH EMPOWERMENT  to SKILL – YES. It  is a TYOGA inspired project aimed at empowering those aged as ‘YOUTH' - Young Men and Women to build capacity, confidence, discipline and dignity, to arise to serve and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This becomes a life long profession that one can enjoy doing good for others. 


  1. Elite Professionalism in the WELLNESS Industry as a Youth

  2. Guaranteed Placements

  3. Be a Voice of Change…be that Change



“Life is short.

Focus on what matters and let go of what doesn’t.”

Our most precious commodities are not our smartphones, 3D TVs, brand new cars, or even our big and impressive houses.


Our most precious commodities can’t be found at the bank. They can’t be ordered online. The truth is, they are on a very short list.


Amongst our most precious commodities are our purpose, time, health, and our relationships.



Purpose is our why. It drives our actions. It fuels our passion. It encompasses our work, our relationships, and our approach to living our lives. It wraps around everything we do. It means living our lives in an intentional way. It gives our lives a sharper focus.



We all have the same number of hours in our day. Why do some of us run around, constantly stressed, complaining we “don’t have time,” while others seem to approach life in a relaxed and happy state but still get plenty done?

Though we all have responsibilities and obligations, this often comes down to choices.


So many of us take our health for granted until we have a reason not to. We neglect exercise and then wonder why our bodies complain when we need to climb a flight of stairs. We neglect our diet and then wonder when all this extra weight crept up on us. We neglect our mental health and then wonder why we’re always stressed.


We can be kinder on ourselves.


Join Our Professional Citta Yogam Course and become a Master. Mail us for details to know more and to apply at ''

We Challenge Your Courage to

        Find YOUR Way with US – A  New Way for YOU!


TYOGA's  YOUTH programme is deeply committed to developing young talent.


We are developing a future for all those who want to empower themselves on standards of excellence set by us.


We create an environment at our Gurukulam to provide youth an opportunity to be tomorrow’s leaders

Join Our Professional Citta Yogam Course  AIMING HIGH and become a Master in your chosen field.

Mail us for details to know more and to apply at ''

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