Many Thousands of years ago, Tamil Siddhars, in Tamil ‘Cittars  சித்தர் ‘  addressed the conundrum of eternal life, and solution was written in Tamil literary hymns which were well-read and used as a guide by many generations. Citta is a perfect way of life to relish.

The Ancient Tamil Cittars are free thinkers.  By their devotion, and practices of Yogic disciplines they acquired powers called Siddis. They developed unique practices and had great insight by which they gained mastery over the powers of nature. These beings are independent and fearless, and do not rely on anyone; they have abiding faith in God and are compassionate to all creatures.  They are the greatest scientists; masters both in spiritual and medical aspects, who knew the maintenance of health; they had also developed a wide range of therapeutic measures to overcome ailments and death. They are the perfected ones, mystics, and seers who developed their supernatural powers after years of austerities and experimentations with profound knowledge about medicinal herbs and ways to optimize and extend human life.

They dealt with the holistic interaction of body, mind spirit with primordial elements in the environment. This is their philosophical work.  They also taught to stimulate the inner self of man to awake the kundalini and use his infinite potent energy by concentrating on persistent omnipotent energy.  This practice of kundalini is to lead to the divine spiritual world but the actual guidance they are giving is how a normal human attains enlightenment not holding back the soul. Repressed Conscious mental drive basically preserves the soul through conserving the body; the idea is referred by Cittar Tirumular in his writings. Such is their mastery.

Cittars are immortality people; they can achieve it by controlling time and cosmos then transforming their soul by manipulating into the molecular atom. Their bodies are preserved in ‘Soulful Meditation’ and they will operate or transform their soul to different bodies by keeping their original body in a preserved state so that whenever they feel they need to return to their body, they will awaken or rise from their soulful meditation.

 Cittars are the founders of ‘Varmam’ – martial art for self-defense and medical treatment at the same time. Varmam is specific points located in the human body which when pressed in different ways can give various results, such as disabling an attacker in self-defense or balancing a physical condition as an easy first-aid medical treatment. Tamil Cittars were the first to develop pulse-reading  ‘naadi paarththal’ to identify the origin of diseases.

Such is the mastery of the Cittars.

The supreme Cittar is Lord Siva himself!

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