The time of Cittar Pulippani is not clearly known. Some say he lived in 3000 BC before the start of Kali Yuga. Though Tamil Astrology took shape much before that was passed on by Cittars,  the importance of Cittar Pulippani Jothidam is the way in which, most of the astrological principles have been explained in just 300 verses.

Kavada Sastram



Citta Astrology - Kavada Sastram

Ancient Cittars over 10.000 years ago during their meditative contemplation turned their unique capabilities to understand the secrets of nature and the cosmos.


Thus gave birth to Astronomy and other metaphysical sciences such as Astrology, Palmistry, Profile reading, Science of Omen, and such other subjects. In Astrology, they selected certain criteria such as the position of planets, stars, the waxing and waning phases of the Moon, eclipses, and apparent phases of other planetary positions at the time of the birth of an individual life. Through these findings, they understood how select planets rule the life of a person.

They saw that just like how an individual is related to his family and to society, the birth sign is related to a planet. The strength and weakness of these planets and how they relate to one another decide the strength and weakness of that indicated person. The other combination of these planets and placement will decide the fate of that person. And so an expert in this science can tell the entire history of the subject, subject’s family, forefathers just based on the horoscope drawn.


They also brought out a system on predictive astrology that deals with the present moment based on actions of the individual in the past influencing the present as life is dynamic and ever changing due to our actions. This is Karma reading. It has a bearing on your future.


Citta Astrology Consultation

Our Support to Your Purpose in Life

Citta Astrology

The Cosmos influences all life on Earth. It influences people and their notions about the grander schemes. Since the dawn of beings walking this earth, we have looked up for the search for answers. That’s how the Cittars evolved to become immortal beings. They found that astrology will always be present to all human beings. Therefore they set the rules so that others can follow and use astrology as a tool to meet their own individual purpose.

A horoscope is drawn based on the moment of birth of a being at its place. This is the Karma Chart. Thereafter what happens to you is governed by the karmic symphony that has been set for the individual. As a human being we have the opportunity to play a different tune. This is in our control and we must know how to exercise that control positively to benefit from it. As life is dynamic, our actions are governed by our thoughts, actions and what we do that builds the picture based on our Karmic pattern. This picture is ever-evolving and our present and future are governed by this.

Citta Astrology is to understand this picture of the being and to keep in touch with its ever-changing face, to make such positive actions are made to ensure that you are on the right direction and path so that your outcomes are positive thereby to move forward and in turn reduce your Karmic influences.

Sivaguruswami is an Eminent Spiritual Astrologer.

He is a specialist in the Kavada Sastram Practice. He taps into the Spiritual dimension to assess the present situation of an individual and to guide them accordingly.

Due to his spiritual practices, he has the capacity to unlock the door to all your issues and can advise you on the path, you should take and follow. He uses his divine powers to advice and to forewarn those who are headed into trouble and for those who are already in difficulties and hurdles they are going through.

A Karmic analysis is a very important step for all. It is a must for all, to understand what life can hold for them.


Citta Astrology can be used for this as it will set you free to make the right choices in life and to avoid difficulties, hurdles, obstacles, calamities and to take proper remedial measures to overcome and minimize the malefic effects that come to the individual for various reasons and combinations destined for them.

Sivaguruswami analysis using such powers to advise.


Our Activities cover for our seekers in


  1. Kavada Sastram Predictions - Present and Future based on the Past.

  2. Spiritual Solution


In Consultation some of the areas offered are


  1. About one's life in this lifetime

  2. Past Life

  3. Karmic Imbalance 

  4. Past, Present, and Future(Possibilities)

  5. Marriage and Relationship Compatibility and its Future

  6. Business and Business partnerships

  7. Doshams and Pariharas

  8. Unknown negative effects

  9. Previous life karmas brought by Pitru Dosha

  10. Your current status in life - where can you go from here?

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