Cittar International Kurukulam

A Unique  one of it's Kind Education

to develop a Child to Youth Hood,

as an Exceptional Human being!

Join US on this Journey.


We Light up every individual Soul on it's onward journey.

The Cittar International School is about tradition, values, a different curriculum based on the best of the Cittar art of living with a Western style of education so that children are groomed to be world-class citizens - the coming together of human beings living a purposeful, fruitful life.

How do we prepare ourselves to give our children the solid spiritual training they’ll need?  How can we help them “succeed” in those areas of life that really matter? 


The Cittar International Kurukulam is a ‘Temple of Study and Practice’ based in our age-old Cittar teachings, and practices with lifestyle  where each student is looked and groomed as an individual.

The teachers and staff at Cittar International School are committed to manifesting the vision, goal and practices the ancient Cittar Tradition have laid down to follow for the future generations. We take great care to implement systems of practices, activities, socialising and apply these instructions in this regard to a lifestyle of development of mind, body and the spirit of the individual. Such is the education at the Kurukulm.


Any five-year-old child can be trained, and within a very short time his or her journey in life will become positive and successful. Children in the Cittar tradition and lifestyle are given education from early childhood, then there is great hope for their future. There is a perfection in this system of education in the development of a young child giving them strong roots training them up to be right in character.


This is the perfection of education. Kurukulam education should be the training of children and youth in discipline building up their character and allowing them to grow as an individual. Their Karmic purpose needs to be taken into account with training and development, to remove all the possible road blocks.


Children are always instructed by taking advantage of their playful mood and teaching them. In this way, always keep their minds and bodies engaged in different activities because children are restless by nature so they will want to change often. Therefore the kurukulam experience is of family, community living, giving, devotion and so much more to be a training into a lifestyle that gives meaning to their life and purpose.


The traditional Kurukulam system of learning is the most important system in nurturing a child to grow to their full capacity as an individual. It is the first step outside their family environment to be trained in their journey of life. This is the most important period of time for any individual to develop positively and with right purpose giving the strength to mind, body and the spirit to deal with life - To mature naturally.

For those parents who are interested in educating their children in the Cittar Tradition combined within a western education system can get in touch with us to set the process of admission for your child. Each class will have not more than 15 students and are only for boys. Please contact us at 'contactus@tyoga.org' to further your interest for admission of your child in our CITTAR INTERNATIONAL KURUKULAM .

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