Citta Temple

South India perhaps has the longest unbroken tradition in religious practices. It has not only a stream of dedicated practitioners but also textual and theoretical backing.  Thus a healthy body and a healthy mind, by way of religious practices, have prevailed among its practitioners.


It is an advanced form of traditional practice for both the human spirit and the human body.


The discovery of the Spirit, followed by the discovery of the Darma (the inner law and truth of things) and, later, the formulation of the Texts (the science and art of right knowledge, right works, right living) have been the elements that set India apart from most other civilisations of old.


“Spirituality is indeed the master-key of the Human Mind”


TYOGA strives to give you an opportunity to rediscover the nature in you in spirituality.


“Hunting for GOD is the Greatest Adventure and the ‘Greatest Treasure Hunt’ of all Time.  The game and its rules are simple. There are NO rules, NO winners, NO losers, NO time limit, and NO starting point.” The common thread is the unquenchable thirst to know, to seek and realize the Almighty.

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The inertial stage of the practice is based on the  system of removing as much Karma we are carrying for various reasons to ensure a forward movement of our spiritual practices. You will be guided to ensure that there is progress in your journey to remove alll the unwanted baggage in your life you are carrying that becomes a burden to you. This burden will not give you progress in your life to the full extent that you deserve.

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