It is said that Tirumular was immersed for years in deep meditation, many 1000’s of years ago. At the end of each year on a particular stardate, of his continuous meditation, he would come out of his deep meditation,  to scribe a single four-line verse, capturing in that verse the sum of the one year’s meditation. This divine poetry each year he gave of,  was higher tantra; the yoga of light. He gave out over 3000 verses. These verses are the Tirumantiram. Tiru + mantiram means in Tamil – tiru is an honorific, and mantiram, for mantra. It is considered as divine words or even mystical words – sacred mantrams.


Cittar Tirumular writes in his divine poetry that he meditated in his body to attain ‘light’ for a thousand years, singing the glory of the Lord in sweet Tamil and rendering accessible the holy feet of the Lord to the worldly people is his life mission. These utterances teach the science of attainment of light body, going beyond realization into realms of the Cittar philosophy. All eight forms are explained and its way of attainments are taught too to enable the metamorphosis into the ‘perfect state’ as the basic objective of yogam.

This higher yogic path was called in ancient Tamil, ‘Tantiram,’  the root of tantric wisdom that is described as tantrum. This divine tantrum as revealed by the Cittars meant breaking through ego arising through duality that separates us from the divine, by worshipping the three-dimensional context in every thought arising as seeds of knowing from the mind.

There are so many forms of seed thoughts such as – as a perceiver, perceived and as perception; space, matter, energy; past, present and future; creation, preservation and destruction; and so on. Once the three dimensions of thought are understood and held sacred with the unity behind duality achieved, the mind would break into becoming single-pointed. It would be natural for Oneness to emerge as ‘Source’ with the ‘self’ illumined in knowing ‘All Is’ as ‘I am That’ and ‘I am’. Merging into the Source was then the only grand reality as the destination of this yogic journey towards Light.

With the soul recognized in its pure form  and a divine teacher  to guide knowing All as the Absolute nameless, the higher tantram manifests the primal urge for the divine union in the ‘knowing.’ Applying this wisdom as yogic techniques within a spiritual environment to the single-pointed mind and conditioned body, true yogam of the Cittars taught that the eternal is attained with the wisdom of the mind along with intellect absorbed in divine grace, powerful enough to manifest its Light body!

Cittar Tirumular was such a Cittar, and his words are valued as a divine message for mankind.

Cittar Tirumular began his mission of establishing the purity of the Civite path when he settled down near Chidambaram. There he worshipped near a Peepal tree  a naturally formed Civa Lingam in the Tiillai forest. Today within the Chidambaram Tillai Nataraja Temple walls is this shrine. Years later, a temple of Lord Civa as Tilla Nataraja – the Cosmic Dancer was built and expanded to its present form by the Cholan King.


The Tirumantiram text that was hidden, was found within these walls during the Cholan period by the wishes of Lord Civa Himself informing of its whereabouts.

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