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The Ancient Tamil Cittar Tradition is over 10,000 years. Cittars, the immortals of the ancient Tamil land belonged to a mysterious group of beings propagating principles related to physical, spiritual, intellectual elevation of individuals and their societies at large. Their presence and role in ancient Tamil history is legendary.

Cittars were fascinated by the human body; they believed that the body is ruled by something inside, which commands the body to fulfill its wishes as long as it dwells within the body. Their quest in understanding the mysteries of the body enabled them to understand that the body is composed of Physical and Spiritual matters sandwiched by a bridging factor known as Soul. Cittars believed that the Body is a functional machine driven by the Spirit, operated through the components in the bridging network of Soul. They believed that the decay of the body is, in fact, the developmental sign of the decay of the soul. Their spiritual teachings inculcate a hidden fact that while the body is nourished by food, the soul, on the other hand, is nourished by practices triggered by thoughts, emanating from the mind. They believed that human beings are created for excelling in knowledge, understanding nature, and helping their fellowmen to form a divine civilisation on earth. They needed to live longer and even become immortal, to achieve this goal.

Cittars considered that the body is a container wherein the spirit dwells. They understood that strategically preserving the body for a long period of time will help the spirit to dwell therein for an equally longer time. Cittar Tirumular declares that, during his initial stages, he did not attach too much importance to the body, but once he learnt that the body is important to realise God, he started to take care of the same.

“The body, I thought that a disrespectful object - (Presuming it as a bundle of sins)

The body, I now found to have a precious meaning – (Realising that the body is the base through which salvation is attained)

The body, I know realised that God enshrines in (Since Godliness begins from the body, to start with)

The body, I am now carefully maintaining.”

Cittar Tirumular’s Tirumantiram  verse 725


Thus considering the importance of the body in realisation of God. Cittars took extreme care in preserving the same using sound knowledge on suitable food, care of one’s health and Yogam.


Cittars perfected the immortality of Spirit! They attained this through Aatma Ciddi.



Diploma in Citta Yogam

PG Diploma in Citta Yogam

Citta Yogam Teacher Course

Kundalini Awakening

Tantra Yogam

Spiritual Awakening

Citta Yogam to enhance your spiritual growth, quality of your total health comprising the physical, mental, soul connection  and a lifestyle.

We Offer the Following Courses and Programmes as Resedential at Chidambaram

Diploma in Citta Yogam

A 30 Day Course at Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, South India. An intensive monastic living experience that goes with the tradition. It is a LEVEL 1 practice and Certification

PG Diploma in Citta Yogam

A 90 Day Course at Chidambaram. Monastic living intensive training.LEVEL 1 to 3 Certification to Teach.

Citta Yogam Teacher Course

A professional Citta Yogam Teacher Course for 5 years to become a MASTER in CITTA YOGAM.

ON-Line Courses Shortly

Citta Yogam and the Tamil Cittars

An On-line awareness Programme with some basic experiences in Citta Yogam. Three-day weekend programme.

Citta Yogam Teachings

A 10 Day Course to introduce Citta Yogam practices to build upon for the future.

Depression and Yogam

Citta Yogam to help fight depression and to look at life more possitively.

Citta Yogam

Citta is ‘Freedom,’ perfect health and immortality – all gained in one’s life! The Cittar tradition began with  Lord Civa being the first Cittar.

The Tamil land – Tamilagam has produced many Cittars through ancient times, since over 20,000 years or more. They have been the moving force of teaching and guiding ‘beings’ through time as the Tamil Civilisation evolved. 

The mystic ideas and mystic experiences have been expressed by many a form that only those practice Yogam or Tantram or Tattvam practices and a correct exposition of such symbols in the presence of other Cittars.

The Cittars work their goal of attaining immortality so that they can attain the ultimate knowledge. Meditation fills their mind to seek clarity on existence, purpose, and continuity.


The Cittars use Yogam, Tantram, and Tattvam. The Cittar’s intension is to attain the goal in his present lifeform using Yogam, Tantram, and Tattvam to prepare the body, mind, and soul for the fulfillment. A form that is considered near perfect.

Cittar in Tamil means "One who is accomplished" referring to a being who is a perfected master, who has reached the sublime goal of emancipation in life and has thus become a master of all gnostic knowledge and above all, of magical powers. 


A being who has achieved physical as well as spiritual perfection and enlightenment.


The ultimate demonstration being the attainment of physical immortality.

The Cittars contributed to Tamil literature much in the branch of folk-songs which could be sung by the illiterate masses. 


These works paved the way for later poets such as Iraamaligka Cuvaamikl, Paaratiyaar, and others to compose beautiful enlightening songs on existence, philosophy, and matters relating to social uplift. Similes are adopted in a large measure by the Cittars and this usage makes their poems impressive and appealing.

Every Cittar had his teacher who initiated him / her to the line, teachings practices, lifestyle before becoming a Cittar.

The common man faces difficulty in truly understanding the in-depth meanings of mystical poems as they are mystic experiences and ideas, explained in the code language peculiar to mystics.


This was done for a reason as only persons with a mystic vision should understand the esoteric practices fully and that the ordinary man should not try to follow them by reading their writings except through a proper teacher.


This would indicate the need for initiation through a proper teacher for Yogam practices to tread on the path of the Cittars.

Citta Yogam is experiencing the ‘Oneness’ within, realising eternal bliss. It is a Yogam that is practiced by Cittars to become the ‘perfect’ beings attaining immortality.

Cittar Yogam is the high road to yogic practice to realise the Almighty within man himself by divine knowledge and experience, discipline, and divine grace attaining salvation from births and deaths.

Citta Yogam is to become a perfect being!

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