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"Innovation is about thinking and doing something outside the Box!"

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Citter Wellness Innovations is extending itself into addressing the emerging needs that are important for Individual Human Beings today, being one’s Mind, Body and Soul, the environment and Nature and how all this goes together that effects our present time and the future. It is about life on this planet and how we must deal with it, to sustain one’s self, healthy, happy in peace and in one’s purpose.

Its far-reaching vision is a compelling catalyst to providing and building business models as a Start-Up, governed by strong principles and ethics, to stimulate action today for a better tomorrow. It is an “innovation target for growth.”


We’re Innovating for True Human Needs

Humanity has always looked to nature for inspiration.

In many cases, nature has simply solved problems that we haven’t, and so it makes sense to look to nature as the starting point to overcome the challenges that have been thrown to us.

Citter Wellness Innovations is the interface between innovations leading to projects for sustainable development and living... and a healthy purposeful  lifestyle for all.



We are inspiring healthier lives through innovations we have developed, with a unique portfolio of sustainable activities and projects that will bring about Health, Wellness & a Lifestyle of purpose to individuals.


Our Strategies

​We are aligned around a unifying set of strategic pillars across our activities keeping in mind our work Globally; to help drive a differentiated offering for our customers while at the same time providing an engaged and purpose-driven culture for all including our associates. Through our strategies, we believe we can drive an enhanced customer experience while at the same time leverage our global scale to generate enhanced efficiencies. Our transition to a Pure-Natural Health & Wellness company is the first step on our journey to enhancing value, and we believe our business strategy will enable long-term measurable success in support of our purpose and vision.

Our Values

  • Healthy Living – We believe in creating healthier lives, healthier communities, and a healthier planet.

  • With a Standard of Excellence – We deliver excellence consistently and reward associates for high performance.

  • Respect for All– We respect and recognize our differences, promoting inclusion. We are committed to reflect the communities we serve.

  • And a Commitment to Do the Right Thing – ALWAYS – We value how we work as much as what we achieve. We hold ourselves to the highest standards – and when we make mistakes, we own, fix, learn and grow from them.

Our Citter Values reflect our essence and our aspirations for the future. These values provide the guideposts for how we live and interact with our customers, fellow associates, and all in our communities.

Our Culture

Our culture is centered around human needs – our customers, our students, our employees, our rural folks, our partners & associates,  where we put values into action in the ways we lead, to serve and make decisions that can effect lives and nature.

All are important to us along the chain we are involved and serving in.

Our Why?

Empower People Today to Build a Better Future for the Next Generation.

Citter Wellness Innovation is committed to taking care of our employees, serving our customers and improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. WHY we do this, WHY we come to work every day, is What We Stand For. It comes from our past, is grounded in our history and serves as our ‘Dharmam’ to people and the world at large.

We’re here because of those who came before us, who were dedicated to building a better future for people, and therefore we’re committed to doing the same in the present and  for the next generation.

Our Hows...

Our HOWs are our guiding principles. They provide direction for each of us so we can be at our best and bring our WHY to life.

  • Do the right thing. Always.

  •  Lead by example

  •  Bring out the best in everyone

  •  Do it all in the spirit of the Cittars

Our Whats...

Our WHATs are the products we sell and the services we offer. Our WHATs change over time, but our WHY and HOWs remain consistent.

  • Identify & invest in growth & diversification

  • Delight our customers

  • Honor our commitments

  • Develop & incorporate new technology

  • Improve financial security


The Ancient Citters (சித்தர் in Tamil) understood the functioning of the human body and its capabilities. They used these insights to enhance their health and their longevity and much more. As scientists of those times, they used secrets they had inherited from mother nature, and used these secrets to keep their body and mind healthy and fit to further their life span and remain healthy and fit so that they can continue their quest in search of knowledge.



Citter Wellness Innovations Projects are centred to sustainable rural development, as we see this to be a vital importance to environmental viability and vital in developing a good strong rural economic activity for the eradication of poverty.

The manifestation of poverty goes beyond the urban-rural divide, it has subregional and regional contexts. It is therefore critical, and there is great value to be gained, by coordinating rural development initiatives that contribute to sustainable livelihoods for all.


Food & Nutrition are at the heart of life, and will be at the centre of our human future.

While health and wellness has been an emerging trend in the food and beverage industry far before the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 has made the trend develop even more quickly.

The pandemic has pushed more and more people to not only expect better-tasting and healthier food but also consider a brand’s sustainability efforts towards a greener planet.



A Future to a Healthy Way of Living!

Life is an adventure. Whether mapping a course for your life, sometimes not knowing where you are and where you are going is critical to having a safe and successful life. Everyone has a different destination to travel, experience and learn.

The Citter system is a guide. It is like a GPS, to help you figure out where you are and where you are going. To have new ideas and a direction to your life with purpose. It also helps you to determine your destination in life and learn how to make sound, healthy decisions in order to get where you want to go and navigate through some of the most challenging and exciting years of your life that lies ahead of you.

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Citter Wellness Innovations is about People, Nature and about Life itself, and how to sustain one’s self. Ours is a business that brings all these important issues together that truly enriches everyone.

It is good Karma! It is the present need now.

Sustaining one’s self begins for us from a rural environment. It is about the chain of events and the results it must give everyone as we move up this chain. Everyone is linked together and therefore everyone is important.

Today Health & Wellness is taking a beating like never seen before and now people are waking up to the reality they are in.

Citter Wellness Innovations is focused on the rural environment to set its base of activities worldwide. In India, we work in Tamil Nadu begin with natural food nutarians, producing food supplements on one side and on the other side to educating young people into a fabulous skill ready for an International Market. All our work is central to the Health & Wellness Industry with Education as its foundation.

Our work is truly humanistic.



We are fortunate to work with a variety of partners who share our passion and vision to shape the world for a positive difference. Our partners are true collaborators, and a vital component of our mission.


Diverse in their specialties, but united by a common desire to  learn, think and being differently.  These founding partners continue to be collaborators in our work and a part of the Group.

We think and work Globally.


Tirumular Yogam






Karmic Journey


We’re looking for innovative talent who can deliver, to join us. Apply and submit your CV.


Work From Home.

Citter Wellness Innovations is seeking a fundraising expert with existing donor relationships and a knack for large-volume grants from bilateral and multilateral sources including governments, development institutions, the private sector and impact investors for its projects in South India, Malaysia the US & Canada.

Lead the Initiative fundraising efforts and donor care including planning, managing and ensuring the delivery of agreed targets. Undertake research and donor intelligence gathering identify opportunities and donors and build and maintain satisfactory relationships at all levels.



Ancient Wisdom for Body Mind & Soul for a 21st Century Life

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