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30 Days at Vaitheeswaran

Certificate Course



TYOGA is leading the way in the field of Ancient Citta Yogam studies that come from Ancient Tamilagam. These are teachings and studies not known outside the Tamil land and has been kept in secret until now. As the world moves forward into the 21st-century and life gets more complicated, the Cittar teachings and lifestyle are very apt to adopt into a lifestyle for a healthy body, mind and spiritual experience in one's life.


This leads to a more fruitful meaningful lifestyle for all who come into these teachings. Our Diploma programmes are an opportunity to offer Citta Yogam to the world. These teachings are ancient and are pre-Vedic and come from the very root of ancient yogic practice and lifestyle that the Tamil Cittars pursued to reach their goal of immortality.


Diploma in Citta Yogam                   

30 Day Residential Intensive Course with Certification. (Level 1)

This Diploma begins your journey of yogic learning and practice to offer Citta Yogam to the world. You will be the unique few to do this as you journey in this yogic teaching and practice. In doing so, you become a vehicle for others to receive the tools necessary to work towards their own transformation including yourself.


In this full-time Diploma in Citta Yogam training and practice, the programme covers aspects of Yoga and Citta Yogam lifestyle. The course is intensive, morning to evening all 7 days a week practices, classes, and training. There is also is a self-detoxification activity built into the training to begin removing toxins in the body. This monastic retreat course is for would-be yoga teachers, and for anybody wanting to make a transformational shift in their mind, body-spiritual connection to find a meaningful purpose in life and work towards that and yet live in this 21st-century.


This course covers all the basic techniques and skills required to get started on the noble path of acquiring your practical knowledge of Citta Yogam. The practice and philosophy have a detoxifying effect to enrich your body, mind, and soul and opening a door to understand the very purpose of life and to live it well.


The TYOGA Kurukulam is a monastic living and training for all on the path of Citta Yogam in a peaceful environment in an area where the ancient traditional teaching of yoga both of Sage Patanjali and Cittar Tirumular come from. This center derives its spiritual energy from this environment known for its ancient yogic atmosphere where the roots of yoga were given out and practices.


Many individuals have been prompted to dedicate themselves to this path, by a natural urge to share the experiences that have touched their lives.


TYOGA Kurukulam is to teach would-be teachers this yogic lifestyle from around the world, of all ages and backgrounds, who have a selfless commitment to offer this yogic teaching and practice to benefit others.


Courses Begins on...                     Ends on ...

October 31st, 2020

November 30th, 2020

December 31st, 2020

January 31st, 2021

March 2nd, 2021

April 1st, 2021

November 29th, 2020

December 29th, 2020

January 29th, 2021

March 1st, 2021

March 31st, 2021

April 30th, 2021

Summer Vacation 2 months

Special summer Courses are available for those who do not mind the heat.

Please choose the most convenient date for you to join the Diploma in Citta Yogam and apply.

This Diploma Course and Retreat is for Everyone

Any student who wishes to deepen their practice-physical, spiritual, and mental are welcome, even if teaching is not the goal.

What is it About?

The prominence of Yoga has been on an increase across the globe, with more and more people knowing off its benefits. Along with becoming a medium of leading a healthy lifestyle, yoga has also turned to be a mode of a profession, with people opting for a career in this field. The programme of Diploma in Citta Yogam envisages providing the required training today to the aspirants who wish to undertake a career in this field, teaching and developing themselves into the higher path of yoga that has been lost in the present day scenario where the more important aspects of yoga are not known nor practiced.


This course aids to impart the ancient knowledge from its roots about the benefits of Yogam, that to Citta Yogam and introducing the higher road to yogic practices and teachings from the Cittar tradition, teachings, practices and lifestyle.  Cittar Yogam is the most traditional Tamil way of a Yoga journey for an individual.

What do you achieve in taking this Diploma?

1. Professional, Traditional Intensive Yogam 

    Practice and Discipline.

2. A Yogic Practice and Teaching that

    goes beyond 15,000 years.

3. Yogic Lifestyle.

4. Explore an ancient Philosophy of the

    Tamils and the Cittar tradition and its


5. At a Spiritual place where the teachings

    of Yoga came from.

6. A well rounded Yogic Monastic Lifestyle


7. Work with Body, Mind, and Soul in an

    Ancient Authentic Yoga Setting.

8. Work on your spiritual nature.

9.Only Gurukulam in the world Teaching

   and Practising the Cittar Teachings and


10.Post-course support and mentoring.

Who can Come?

Physically fit to handle eight and more hours a day of practice, teachings and classes. Spiritually focused. To be above petty judgments of people and society.  Ready to think beyond. Having no chronic illness, recent surgeries, pregnant, or under any psychological disorders.


Eligibility: Minimum Qualifying 10th standard school examination in any field. Reading, writing, and understanding of English is important.


Requirements: Must be Medically Fit. Not on any kind of Drug. No smoking or use of Alcohol. Mentally stable. Spiritually inclined, Polite at all times, Courteous at all times. Well-mannered, Respectful to others, No bad language or cursing. Be a positive human being.


Social Requirement: This is a monastic environment. All Rules and Regulations must be followed as it is the discipline of the practice and Teachings. Accommodation for Men and Women are separate. Social distancing is a must for diving deeper into the practice. Silent times must be followed.

What is Provided

28 Days of Intensive Practice and Training

Shared Accommodation – Monastic living

Training Manual and Notes with Guidelines

Meditation Practices

Homemade Indian Meals

Nightly Meditation Classes

Spiritual Environment

Detoxification of the body

Airport Pick-up and Drop - Chennai International Airport.

Costs for the 30 days at Tyoga




(Tyoga is a non-profit organisation. 30 days cost is your daily expenditure by being with Tyoga and the arrangements it makes on behalf of you to fulfill each day's experience and its costs paid on your behalf).


You are welcome to contribute to the TRUST any DONATION you feel you would like to give in supporting our work.


This is a non-commercial activity.

Yoga Carrier option

There is no as such dearth of jobs in the Yoga field. There are many job opportunities available to the Yoga enthusiasts not only in India but also across the globe. Many countries both developed and developing are hiring many Yoga instructors. It greatly increases the relevance of the field, which compel a large number of students to pursue Yoga education after 12th standard. The field offers lucrative options in teaching if somebody pursues higher education in Yoga i.e. MA, M.Sc., M. Phil and Ph. D.

There is a huge need for yoga practice professionals to reduce techno-stress in multi-national companies as today's lifestyle has induced into people's stress, tension, anxiety, depression which goes to lifestyle management so that the productivity of the individual is managed. Yoga professionals are being accommodated with lucrative remunerations in such sectors to overcome stress and anxiety. Yoga Professionals can become consultants, yoga teachers, and lifestyle management professionals.


Picture yourself there in Vaitheeswaran

Enroll now and be a part of the Ancient Cittar Yogam Tradition. It is a respected, robust, and longest established Yogic practices that brought about great people. Experience traditional yoga from the source.


Begin a path to become a well-respected practitioner.  Start a new life with Citta Yogam at the heart…you’ll leave our 4-week intensive programme with knowledge and experience that you need to become a competent and confident yoga teacher beginning your journey in Citta Yogam and to incorporate all aspects of this incredible practice of yogam into your life.

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