Q:  I know nothing about Citta Yogam. Can I join your Diploma in Citta Yoga Course and develop myself in this yoga science that you teach?

A:  The Diploma in Citta Yogam has been designed for all students, Indian and Foreign to join and begin their journey in Citta Yogam having no knowledge of this yogic practice and teaching. The course has been carefully designed to allow the practitioner to have a firm foundation to begin their journey in this ancient science and to build one's practice on such a foundation to grow higher into the teachings.

Q: There are many yoga schools and yoga ashrams in India. Why should I enroll at TYOGA? What sets your school apart?

A:  TYOGA is the only Gurukulam in India and the world that teaches and practices CITTA YOGAM an Ancient pre-Vedic practice of Yoga that is considered to be over 15,000 years and comes from the ancient Tamil Culture. This practice has been used by great saints to fulfill their need to be immortal and succeeded in it. These teachings and practices have been kept as a secret known to a few Tamil today. TYOGA brings out these teachings and practices so that people can benefit from this to use as a tool in developing their life. We are the only gurukulam that teachest and practices these teachings.

Q:   I have been practicing yoga. Am I eligible to enroll in your teacher training courses?

A:    Yes you may. The Diploma in Citta Yogam are steps to be taken in building your practice and knowledge in Citta Yogam. These are the foundations being laid for a higher and more advanced training when the student is ready and has the capacity and inclination to go higher. The Diploma of Citta Yogam offers great foundational knowledge of yoga, particularly yoga philosophy, theories, basic practices, and teaching methods.

The higher courses are modules that the student or practitioner can take at their pace. This is available as an intermediate to advance practice step by step. We require to have students firm in their practice to develop their experience to be ready to go higher in the yogic training and lifestyle.

Q:  Is there a fee I need to pay to confirm my enrolment?

A: The TYOGA Trust is a non-profit organisation to provide the Ancient Cittar Teachings. There is no application fee to be paid. When your admission is confirmed you will need to pay as a DONATION the stipulated amount in your admission letter where the terms will be stipulated. This is non-refundable and confirms your place on your chosen date and course.

Q:  What does my course cost include?

The residential Option cost  Includes

1) Airport pickup and drop off from Chennai International Airport
2) Cost of your classes and practices daily paid as a Donation
3) Accommodation cost for the period of the course.
4) Food – Three meals a day
5) Detoxification for all the days you are with us
6) Training and Teaching Manual

Q:  How long does it take between the time I apply for a course and the time I can confirm my enrollment?

A:    Admissions to our courses begin three months prior to their start dates. We admit only 6 students per course. Therefore it is possible the courses get filled up quickly., We recommend that you fill up your application as soon as we have available courses, and make your deposit as soon as we have confirmed your admission, usually within three-five days of your application.

Q:  What if I decide to change my course date; are there any charges?

A:    Changing your course schedule at least two months prior to the start date incurs no charge. Anything less, we charge a Donation of  US$ 100/- to reschedule your training and to make such arrangements. Please be advised that your new schedule—a start date and time period—should fall within three months of your original schedule. On approval of your change from us, you will receive an email to confirm this for you to make your arrangement to travel.

Q:  What do I need to bring with me for the training?

A:    We provide everything you will need in yoga training. All we recommend you to bring are personal casual wear; particularly loose, comfortable clothing to go with Tamil Nadu’s warm climate, and whatever else you would normally pack for your basic needs. Please remember that at TYOGA, it is about simple living. Just the need to be comfortable, clean, and healthy. No perfumes and cosmetics will be allowed.

Q:  How does one prepare for your teacher training courses?

A:   We recommend that you get a head start on our required reading materials that will be sent to you before you embark on the training. This is a requirement so that it gets easier for you when you are present at Chidambaram, By doing you can have some idea of what to expect, preparing you better mentally and physically as you anticipate full immersion in the training.

Q:  Where is Chidambaram, and what is it like?

A:    Chidambaram is an Ancient Spiritual center. It is a place where ancient people over 1000’s of years practiced and came from all corners of the world to seek its spiritual atmosphere and practice yogam. It was once a mangrove swamp with mangrove trees as a forest. Many great sages lived n these forests and practiced yogam and concentrated on their spiritual practice. Over time an Ancient Siva Temple was established by these ancient spiritual people. Over time the temple was expanded to its present time called Tillai Nataraja Temple. It is the only temple in the world where Lord Civa is represented as Lord Nataraja – the cosmic dancer. This temple represents consciousness – space and time and is considered to the Mecca of Civa temples. It is here that Sage Patanjali wrote the yoga sutras and the Samadi of Cittar Tirumular both highly evolved beings who gave to the world Yoga. Chidambaram is where it all happened!

There is a reference to the temple in the Sangam literature of the first to fifth centuries and the earliest mention is found in Tamil literature. The temple and the deity were immortalized in Tamil poetry.

Revolving around this history, This area was first known as Thillai and finally came to be known as Chidambaram. Life in this town developed around the temple and so did contemporary history; the golden hall of dance was built by Sundra Pandya covering it in gold plates.

Chidambaram is located at 11.39°N 79.69°E. Located about 250 km from the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, this small town is spread over an area of 5 sq. km and is a spot for performing pilgrimage by devotees of Lord Civa. The town belonged to the Cholas of Southern India and is one of the most famous and sought-after spiritual destination.

TYOGA Gurukulam is located on the outer of Chidambaram Town going into rural Tamil Nadu. We are just 3Kms from the temple and also surrounded by two more ancient Civa Temples with its spiritual legends.

The gurukulam is a two-storied building where the Citta Yogam lifestyle and practices take place. It is a monastic environment so that students have an experience of solitude to concentrate in their practice and enjoy the discipline.

Q:   What is a typical training schedule like?

A: Training schedules change from time to time based on the practice and progress of the practitioner. We are committed to each individual in training and therefore we may modify our class structures depending on the phase of progress of the practitioner.

Q:  Can you issue me an admission confirmation letter so I could apply for the visa to travel to India?

A:  Once you have our confirmed of your admission and payment made, we will issue the ‘Admission Letter’ to the course.

Q: What is the visa requirement for foreign students to study this Residential Yoga Courses in India?

Students from most countries are eligible to apply for an e- visa. During the online application process,  please choose the option “visiting India for a short term yoga course”.

You can mention our Gurukulam address and phone number for the place of stay and communication. We recommend you apply for the online visa through a government-provided website.



 Q:   Can airport pickup and drop-off be arranged?

A:    Yes, in fact, airport pickup and drop-off are included in your Donation as a compliment from outside.  Just send us your itinerary detailing flight number and time and date of arrival we shall arrange for your  pickup accordingly. 

Q:   Am I allowed to travel out of the campus between training sessions?

A: No you will not be allowed to go out. Due to the coronavirus issues staying indoors is a prerequisite. On completion of your course and time with us we can help you organise for travel to farther destinations.

The monastic environment is about the practitioner concentrating on the teachings and lifestyle with us so that they simply have the experience to continue into their practice as a lifestyle they can adopt back in their home. Staying focused through the duration of the training period and dedicate downtime between sessions to reading and self-practice, giving the practitioner the discipline and an opportunity to get into the groove is a very important.

Q:  Can I extend my stay in the gurukulam  after the course? If so, how much are your extension fees?

A:    No,  it is not possible to extend your stay with us. Once the course is over, you will need to leave by the designated day of departure given to you. You can come back to us by applying for the next level of our training. When that application is approved and dates given you are welcome to come back to the gurukulam once again.

Q:  Is your gurukulam accredited by Yoga Alliance USA? Can I apply for a Yoga Alliance Registration upon completion of my course?

A:  Our Gurukulam is not accredited to Yoga Alliance USA. Yoga Alliance does not have the knowledge and experience in Cittar Yogam. Therefore all our teacher training programs are not registered with Yoga Alliance USA. Furthermore our system of certification is based on academic requirements that are a much higher standard of practice and teachings that Yoga Alliance USA is not into. Our Citta Yogam courses are designed in such a way to meet these standards followed by universities. This gives our students the best of both worlds – a gurukulam traditional training and a standard based on University practices.

Successful course completion requires submitting an assignment, which is scheduled at the end of every training period. Students who qualify are then granted a Course Graduation Certificate by TYOGA. This is a registree and credentials of all our practitioners and a benchmark on their progress with us in Citta Yogam for anyone to refer to.

Q:  Am I still eligible to take your training courses although I’m suffering from an injury?

A:  Yes, you are. When you fill-up our application form, you will need to mention about your injury and health conditions. Please be accurate and as detailed as possible, so that we may know how to address your injury and teach you accordingly, as well as some yoga therapy techniques where ever applicable.

Q:  Whom shall I contact for more information?

A:    Email us at contactus@tyoga.org

Q:  What type of vaccinations I need to take before my trip to India. Do you have mosquito nets in your place?

A:  We provide mosquito nets in our place and we keep our place and surroundings very clean to maintain high standards. For vaccinations, we advise you to consult your health care provider to get more details.

Q: What’s the accommodation like?

A:  The current venue of the school has limited accommodation. The accommodation is shared based on the practice of simple living.  Men and women have separate accommodations even if you are married or come with a partner. Please specify in your application your status. The shared accommodations have a bathroom attached and all accommodation is on the 1st floor.

Laundry facilities are also available within the same venue.


Q: What’s food like?

A: Food is provided from our Home kitchen and is based on a detoxification vegetarian Indian diet. Mush of the diet is based on spiritual eating habits and products and its preparation.

Q: What if I can’t make it to the course at the last minute? What is your refund policy?

A: The Donation is strictly non-refundable. Students can opt to change their course schedule to a later date, or transfer their slot to a friend.

Q: I am prepared to come to India for the course. How is the airport pickup arranged?

A:  Send us your flight itinerary. We will have an officer/driver waiting at the airport holding a sign with the gurukulam logo and your name. You’ll find the officer at the arrival hall when you come outside.

Before your flight, please make sure that you have applied for an Indian Visa. All passports need a visa to enter India.

Q: What to expect from this teacher training?

A:  Prepare for a residential intensive yoga training under the tutelage of one of the most respected yoga teacher, and our senior yoga masters. Keep an open mind and no matter which school of yoga you may have practiced prior, this will be a life-changing experience, one of which you will always treasure and will become a part of you.

We will try our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible and enable you to experience an authentic Citta Yogic lifestyle. Hence, do not expect luxurious surroundings as you may find in other places. You are simply here for a yogic experience and learning.

Please follow our gurukulam student’s etiquette requirements. Here is the link to understand what is expected of you. 


Q: Can I first join Diploma in Citta Yogam and then decide if I want to extend my training to PG Diploma in Cittar Yogam before the completion of the course? I can pay the difference.


A: After the completion of the first course, you can choose to continue the study as the next course by paying the full donation for that course. Certificates will be issued separately.

If You have any other specific questions, please feel free to mail us at contactus@tyoga.org and we will be happy to respond to you.

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