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People’s Career & Life

CITTAR in India has grown from a single Traditional Yogic Centre to total a Human Wellness activity based on ancient Cittar principles of Lifestyle. CITTAR is Headquatered in Tamil Nadu, India. Its diverse and integrated global portfolio compromises of quality natural wellness and lifestyle programmes.

From our root base at Chidambaram, we expand into key gateway countries around the world. Through the environments we have created, we enable people to come together to live, work, play, eat, and rest well.

Our story is also about human development focusing on youth. We work on bringing youth into positive economic benefits and lifestyle so that they are leaders to people and communities where ever they may be at.

As a global family with the knowledge and experiences given by ancient Cittars we are well placed to take advantage of Lifestyles that all human beings can exercise to have a fulfilled life in the 21st century. To live one's life in a modern world and survive all it's ills. We leverage our leadership position in the things we do, to pave the way for the future growth of people we serve.

Supporting our People’s Career

CITTAR looks at its employees as its extended family. Our system of employment brings about the best in the individual providing then with numerous learning opportunities with the system of living that benefits them. After all they are also human beings with aspirations and dreams that need to be diverted into practical goals to be achieved to deliver happiness and value for life. Their work with us is not a job but a part of life to the service of humanity. Their career becomes a part of their lifestyle and not a job. It brings the best out in them as an individual.


Cittar Youth Academy

TYOGA is our in-house learning centre designed to build competencies and support career development for youth.


With a comprehensive select development programmes, we skill youth into a profession to take on life with leadership qualities.


We make learning and training accessible to all.

Cittar Leadership Development

We believe in nurturing talents and grooming leaders by providing a conducive working environment to foster a strong learning culture and living culture.


Our Leadership Development programme offers experiential learning on the job and learning exposure to have practical experience and expertise to deliver leadership.


Cittar Personal Lifestyle Development

With the lifestyle systems the Cittars have laid down to follow for wellbeing of one’s life, all our people with us have the opportunity to work in different areas of expertise anywhere in the world. Our people gain international exposure and experience with foreigners sharing their expertise. ​​These are all invaluable for personal and professional growth.

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