How Can I Support?

Supporting is a human natural thing to do. It is part of our nature. It makes us feel better about ourselves. It connects us with other people or activities. It improves the life of another let alone yourself. It makes the world a better place, one little step at a time.


And when this kindness is passed on it multiplies.


Put a smile on someone’s face!

Let's Bring Humanity Together.


1)            Youth Scholarship Fund

The youth scholarship fund is a fund for poor youth who can have an opportunity to be trained and groomed to become skill employable human beings in the field as Yoga Teachers in Cittar Yogam, Therapists, and Special Vegetarian Chefs. This scholarship fund is available to all youth who show a keen interest in making something of their lives.

The Gift of Scholarship Can Leave a Lasting Impact. Giving is always upon us and as we start to think of how one gives, consider the gift of scholarship. It’s a different way of giving back and can leave a legacy for years to come. Helping a deserving student achieve their dreams is one of the best gifts you can give.  We encourage people to consider the unique gift of scholarship contribution, because of the long-term, profound impact it can make for you and for the student who will make a life for himself or herself.

By contributing to this fund, you simply give an opportunity to another person – a youth to make a good life for him or herself.

2)            Help build our Chidambaram Gurukulam.

Tyoga Gurukulam in Chidambaram is the root center of the Cittar Teachings. We would like to expand our work by increasing the present activities  for more people. For this we need to get in more land, design a bigger environment around the present location. This takes money and people to fulfill this goal. Much support is required to achieve a perfect place for people to come and develop their spiritual practice and get such benefits from it.

3)            Chidambaram Monastery Project

Tyoga needs to build a training centre to train exceptional people as teachers to teach others the high road to yoga in the Cittar Tradition. Support for this project in any form will be greatly appreciated as this goes for the goodness of others.

4)            Help setting up a Citta Yogam Centre in your home town

We would like to develop TYOGA centers around the world to teach the teachings and practices of the Cittars so that more people can benefit from this. We like to find people who are committed in being a part of this process in their country so that the teachings can be given.

5)            Join in our Volunteering programme to give support to our work for others.

Tyoga as an International centre of yogic teachings of the Cittars needs sincere committed people to build its wok for others. We are a volunteer organisation managed and do look out for those special people who would love to grow with us.

6)            Work with us in giving workshops on our teachings in your city.

To spread the teachings out in India and the world over, it will be great support where others can organise workshops where our people can deliver teachings and practices as workshops.

7)            Encourage people to join the Citta Yogam movement.

The Cittar movement is as unique as it can get. TYOGA encourages people following the Citta Yogam teachings to become a movement so that everyone can support each other – as an extended family.

Please mail us in what way you would like to support our work and grow with us. If you are interested in sponsoring a project or need that is not listed above, please send an e-mail to

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