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"Rural areas are the fabric of our society and the heartbeat of our economy. They are a core part of our identity and our economic potential. We will cherish and preserve our rural areas and invest in their future."

Rural communities throughout India are looking for ways to strengthen their economies, provide better quality of life, and build on local assets. Many rural communities are facing many challenges.

Citter Wellness Innovations has set up a well-planned strategy that can help rural communities to achieve a good standard of living based on education, skill development, healthcare and employability while maintaining their distinctive rural character. Planned growth strategies, working out of the box with innovative practical ideas can help rural communities achieve their goals for growth and development and sustainability.

Planning where development should or should not go can help a rural community encourage growth, where employment can thrive on a walkable environment and families can live close to their daily destinations.

Policies that protect the rural landscape help preserve open space, protect air and water quality, provide places for recreation, and create tourist attractions that bring investments into the local economy.

Policies such as, support walking, biking, and public transit help reduce air pollution from vehicles while saving people money.
Smart Investment Growth for Rural Economic Development - SIGRED
SIGRED is the Brain Child of Citter Wellness Innovations. It is ‘development action’ looking at the present and the future, keeping in mind the emerging shift toward place-based approaches to economic development. This strategy builds upon existing assets, takes incremental actions to strengthen communities, and builds long-term value to attract a range of activities and investments.

SIGRED is a step-to-step activity to building a place-based economic development strategy to an activity for re-inventing a rural environment and building the lives up of rural folks to be economically sound and having a good living environment with facilities.

Creating a robust economic development activity often takes a concerted effort of multiple partners coming together around a common goal.

People who are committed and passionate to a rural upliftment and development activity, non-profit organizations seeking to help revitalize communities, and other stakeholders are welcomed to join us.

Here, it is all about the end result and our journey to it.

Join Us and get involved in our work.

Please feel free to write to us at ‘’ and send us a note on how you would like to support our work and what you can do to amplify our work to its realistic goal and success.
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