Astro science is an intriguing issue, whether life experience is a product of free will or fate and if our lives are supposed to be predestined to the very last detail!

Each action over time matures and bears fruits that must be experienced. Karma is definitely not a simple eye-to-eye consequence of one’s action where we can view our life as one in which we are held on a karmic leash. This then enjoys a similar parameter of free will, operating within the larger boundary of destiny, which in turn is a product of our internal action performed earlier and presently.


In the life of most of us, there are identifiable instances where we can pinpoint an experience as being predestined, one over which we had no control over whatsoever. There are also moments when free will seems to carry the day. When these two influences, fate, and free will are accepted, as being capable of being jointly operative, the full spectrum of astrology will come into the picture of one’s life.

This signature you make of your life is the record we see in the Kavada Sastram method.  It shows how you have shaped your life to be till the present moment in time and how the future can be based on the present actions you have taken.  Influences shape and define who we are and how you express that light of life as human beings. You live in a fixed yet dynamic system with inherent potential for change. You can increase your awareness and understanding through Kavada Shastra by using it as a tool that would enable you to differentiate to some extent between fate and free will. The binary forces that teach you and bring in the realization of what your true place is in this creation.

One's lifetime and particularly one's life plan revealed through Kavada Sastram is a very useful map to study and watch where opportunities exist and such opportunities made use of.

Kavada Shastram's practice is in Chidambaram. It has been practiced by ancient Tamil cittars over 10,000 years to help them in their journey of life and to become such mistics.

We bring this science to you so that you to can avail of this science to keep your life in check and to help balance your life and correct such imbalances that one has created through one's life period knowingly or unknowing  for a better life ahead.


Therefore do take this opportunity to make use of this practice for your future best!

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