In today’s lifestyle stress and anxiety is everywhere affecting one’s life. It is getting the best of you!

The New Normal is something of a real-life Twilight Zone, whose effects on productivity, well-being and other aspects bear watching for everyone.

Physical and Mental exhaustion at the end of the work day is taking a toll on everyone irrespective of age, gender and level of work they are at and expect to perform.

It is a 'BURNOUT' of the human being!

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged or repeated stress. Though it’s most often caused by problems at work and at home, it can also appear in other areas of life, such as being a student, parenting, caretaking, or romantic relationships or any other relationships such as parents and children, youth, work and work pressure, even travelling from one place to another etc.

By definition, burnout is an extended period of stress that feels as though it cannot be ameliorated. If the stress feels never-ending and comes with feelings of emptiness, apathy, and hopelessness, it may be indicative of being in burnout.

L3iC and TYOGA join hands to offer programmes in wellbeing for Employees at Corporates and Students.

We offer our progrmmmes through:

1. On-Line Programmes such as courses and workshops

2. Retreats

3. At Corporate offices

Our programmes are based on Ancient Cittar Wisdom it's Methods, Practices and Lifestyle Management for a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.


Corporate Staff

IT staff burnout

IT leaders get creative managing remote tech teams working from the confines of home offices. Here’s how they alleviate burnout that threatens to crater ‘Work from Home’ life.

Never before have the pros and cons of working from home become more obvious than in 2020 - 2021, as the coronavirus initiated a mass exodus from corporate offices worldwide. In the early days, employees reveled in their ability to sleep in and spend more time with the family.

Soon the warped reality of the pandemic set in. Workdays grew longer in the absence of daily commutes. Workers’ eyes glazed over as they sit through a marathon of daily Zoom meetings. Their fingers’ spidered across keyboards and touchscreens, as they anxiously answered emails into the night.


Job burnout is specific work-related chronic stress. It’s emotional and physical exhaustion that leads to job dissatisfaction and loss of personal happiness.

Burnout at your workplace usually creeps in subtly, over time, impacting workers in a way that they almost don’t notice.

Signs and symptoms include chronic fatigue, insomnia, physical symptoms like headaches and stomachaches, anger, isolation, irritability, depression, and more.

Workplace burnout isn’t just a small thing that people need to figure out how to get over. It is a difficult and impactful reality that can lead to many negative consequences in all areas of your life.


Students Youths


Student burnout is common among individuals. The pressure students endure can cause stress levels to soar to unhealthy levels.

When this occurs, students can begin feeling sick more than usual, which makes them fall behind on coursework causing feelings of defeat and hopelessness.


Student burnout and Internet addiction are two of the serious problems that are common among young people. Both are connected with many negative effects on the mental functioning of the mind and body. A higher level of school burnout indicators was significantly connected with a higher level of problematic Internet use. Additionally, school burnout especially burnout from studying, loss of interest in school and burnout due to parental pressure) and so much more outside pressures a student undergoes including school performance characteristics such as additional classroom lessons and low quality of classmates relationships, significantly predicted the problematic Internet use, which explained 19% of variances in the total score of internet addiction.


Internet addiction is conceptualised as a subset of behavioural addiction, an inability to control time and effort spent on the Internet, which leads to neglecting off-line life responsibilities and relationships. As repeated behaviours that cause significant harm or distress and are not reduced by the person and persist over a significant period of time (e.g. at least 12 months), producing functional impairment. Some scholars have proposed that it should be considered as a newly emerged adolescent risk behaviour.


It is well proven that addicted people have a similar psychological profile, with a high level of stress and tension, loneliness and low social support. These characteristics make them a school, college and University burnout risk group. Burnout requires deficits in social and family support.


Exhausted students can isolate themselves from others or get angry and aggressive, as well as have inappropriate social relationships in the school and non-school environments. The results of exhaustion are often a lack of self-acceptance, poor resistance to stress, low intrinsic motivation and apathy, a decrease in the effectiveness of performed activities and sometimes escape into various forms of activity that may lead to addiction, crime and even suicide.

We simply have a very big problem on our hands.

Feel Alive

It is a Great Way to Get Your Life Back on Track!


Wellness may not be something that you think much of, yet its impact on your life is unavoidable. The basis of wellness is discovering a sense of meaningfulness in your life and coming to know that you have a purpose to fulfill.

The thrust of the ‘FEEL ALIVE PROGRAMME,’ in contrast to the pursuit of your desire as a means to happiness, is aimed at the monumental, life-changing discovery of whom and what you truly are. This is how this programme works, how it makes you feel good. It helps you experience the truth, your truth - which, you discover, is goodness for you. Your basic nature is your happiness.

“FEEL ALIVE is committed to a culture that promotes wellness through healthy lifestyles that enhance the quality of life for people based on the Ancient Tamil Cittar Teachings. “

“Now Is the Time To Invest In ‘Your Self’!“



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