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I am here to help you export our products that you have purchased from us. Exporting into foreign markets can often reduce per-unit costs by expanding operations to meet increased demand. Exports of our products create new markets and experience in knowing others for us or expand existing ones, and will go towards an opportunity to capture a significant global market as we have a comparative advantage; as our products have a natural ability to produce in its natural environment.


NaturePath sells directly to end users.

For end users who buy our products for their personal use, the export is through DHL the service provider who will carry your purchase to your doorstep.

For bulk orders, all export documents should be sent to our office via E-Mail, E-mail, Messenger or Mail. Our preferred method of communication is via e-mail. We recommend a messenger service be used for original documents required, such as L/C's Certificate of Origin, or Health Certifications, etc.

Documents that are sent with the shipment will be attached to the freight in an envelope marked ‘Export Documents.’  Export Documents must move with the freight”. Export Documents are due at our office on or before the day of cargo pickup.


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+91 908 708 2345

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If you still have questions about our products, please do get in touch with us by e-mail. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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