course dates

1) November 20th Friday, 2020.

2) December 18th, Friday, 2020.

3) January 15th, Friday, 2020.

4) February 19th, Friday, 2020.


Tyoga – The Spiritual Journey in Yoga

For spiritual seekers, Join TYOGA for a 10-day Yogam Teaching and Awareness in the comfort of your own home. You will begin a journey diving into the Traditional teachings, practices, lifestyle to achieve a spiritual journey in yoga.

Through this journey together you will experience and practice only a select number of asanas, pranayama, and meditation that are important, to begin with. These 10 days introduces you to the basic practice and a lifestyle you begin to follow.

Once you have completed your 10 days, this sets the basic foundation and discipline into the practice for you to take this journey further. It lets you understand and experience yoga as it should be. To continue in this journey you can join our modular courses that will take you to step by step building your yogic practices into an experience and discovery for yourself. The practice with TYOGA is result-oriented phases of practice that will groom you into a progressive thorough carefully curated set of practices that you will eventually explore and experience (EEE) into the higher practices and its teachings of yogam. All this leads you and brings you to well-balanced, overall health, wellness, and a lifestyle, peace of mind, and purpose of life that you can get comfortable into This will help you manage your life comfortably and set your journey to reach its ultimate goal. It is also a practice that will bring the spiritual component of a yogic practice into focus that is within you and your nature.

It is a wholesome practice for the body, mind, and spirit to its final conclusion.

Our practice helps us to discover a new world within us and an astounding new world around us—with creative solutions to our toughest problems.

The right practice and growth within the traditional practice that has been handed down generation by generation for human well-being will guide you to spiritual growth and social change as it always has through good spiritual people who come into your life. 

You can change yourself--and change the world at the same time if you follow the right practice and be in the company of such positive spiritual-minded people. It is the magic that evokes your soul that you can find the part and path that you can follow to your final goal despite any crises. Crises will come and they will go…you are a part to it and yet not.

"Realise that life is a school and you are here to learn and pass all the tests. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away, but the lessons and experiences learnt will last a lifetime and shapes your ever-changing destiny."





  • 10 Guided sessions in 10 days (One hour every day)
        CLASSES ARE 
        ASANA (Selective asanas helpful in Chakra Awakening)
        PRANAYAMA (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced)
        KUNDALINI SADHANA (Using 'Dharnana' as a tool, One of          the Eight limbs of yoga)
        YOG NIDRA (Using Dharana & Tantra as a tool )
        Yogic Lifestyle principles for health.
        One comprehensive live Discussion on the last day.
        All classes include Vedic Mantra Chantings. 

  • A course specially designed based on Ancient Yogic and Spiritual teachings and practices that will eventually lead you into Cittar Tirumular's teachings. 

  • Begin the Transformation of your being and Discover your self and the peace within.


  • Live Zoom Opening Circle

  • 60-minute class daily for 10 days

  • Online questions and discussion

  • Learn to calm and energizing

  • Dive into movement, meditation, inner inquiry


Tools required

Computer, phone or iPad, Zoom and internet

Timing of sessions

 These are live sessions daily on Zoom at the appointed hour. You have a one to one experience with the teacher following the instructions. You will also receive pdf documents to support your practice.

How the training works

Each day will include 1 hour of contact teaching. You will receive an online pdf with information that you can use to follow the class.


Morning practice

A one hour morning practice.

This programme is for you if

  • You are looking for higher yogic teaching and practice to lead you to a higher human life of being.

  • You are looking for deep spiritual experience and connection

  • You are interested in deepening your existing practice of yoga and go beyond the physical asana practice to migrate much higher.

  • You wish to develop a true spiritual Kundalini Yogam practice working on your chakras to reach the seat of consciousness – a spiritual practice to connect with the divine.

  • You want to learn more about yourself and connect spiritually with yourself.

  • You want to explore who you are and why you have taken on this life and what must you do to complete what you have come for – Karma Yogam.

  • Development in Bakti Yogam


Location from where these on-line classes are given

Chidambaram is located in the ancient Tamil land of Tamilagam now known as Tamil Nadu a southern state within the Indian Union. This is the heart center of the Citta teachings to the world. Chidambaram is an ancient and spiritual wisdom center where many ancient Cittars practiced to raise their consciousness and become exemplary beings for over 10,000 years. It is the land of the Cittars. Chidambaram is the place of the famous Chidambaram Tillai Nataraja Temple – Lord Civa in His cosmic dance. It is also the place that Sage Patanjali wrote his sutras and had the darshan of Lord Nataraja that he longed for! It is also the very place of  Cittar Tirumular's Samadi, the cittar who is immortal and gave us the ancient theses on yoga and how to journey using this tool, to achieve the highest states in yogam.

The 10 days

Limited to 30 students accepted for the Programme by TYOGA




This online course is available starting

1)  October 16th  Friday, 2020.

2) November 20th Friday, 2020.

3) December 18th, Friday, 2020.

4) January 15th, Friday, 2020.

5) February 19th, Friday, 2020.


Training is held 'on-line' from our center in Tamil Nadu, South India. 


Please mail us and apply for admission to this course by downloading our admission form pdf you see available on this page and submit it to ' 


TYOGA charges U$50.00 for the 10 days. This is to facilitate as many people to come through and have an experience in the true yogic practice. This is just a primary experience and sets you into a grove in the right direction.  Note our admission process is based on giving an opportunity to sincere seekers who are longing for a spiritual experience to connect.

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