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CITTAR experiences and knowledge are based on Human Wellness and Purpose. Ancient Cittars were truth seekers and through the many thousands of years of experience and expertise have left us a legacy of knowledge and practices for Human wellbeing and purpose.


CITTAR as an organisation brings this into focus to the world platform so that in the 21st century, people have the opportunity to use this system for their own personal benefits, experiences and development as an individual, family, community and the world at large as world class citizens.


The CITTAR system serves as a blueprint for all to make use of and follow as their Heritage. This Heritage serves all human beings as a high quality balanced functional activity one can adopt to have a fulfilling life.

Our promise is to bring this Heritage to every stranger, as a friend exceptional experience and service to any one walking through our doors.

Bringing Cittar to the World

We proudly bring our Cittar heritage to the world and share its knowledge, expertise and cultural richness to all. We draw inspiration from these ancient teachings given by many Cittars their many experiences that they got out of their endeavours to find what life is all about and strive to bring the essence of each knowledge for Human wellbeing through the different programmes we offer on the unique teachings given to us.

We honour the Cittar traditions as we share this knowledge through practices, retreats, workshops, spiritual journeys, life management systems offered by us. Our people best exemplify our Cittar culture through the authentic ways and thoughtful service we deliver to our students and practitioners.

This care for people is the bedrock upon which CITTAR stands, and which distinguishes us as an a Human Wellness &  Human Development Organisation.

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