Our Mentors


Dr. A. Xavier Raj

Prof. A. Xavier Raj, is now Chief Executive of Loyola Inclusive Innovation Impact Centre at Loyola College Campus. He was earlier Professor of Entrepreneurship Management and  Chairperson of the C.K.Prahalad Centre at LIBA, one of India's top Management Schools. His has also 15 years of multinational corporate experience in consulting, research and training.


He has taught at the University of Madras on  Social, Cultural, Applied, Ecological and Developmental Anthropology/ Sociology, Culture and Management. He specialises in Trans disciplinary research effectively leveraging his training in science, anthropology, management and user experience.


One of the key areas of interest is Tamil Civilisation, Culture, and the Tamil Language. The evolution of Tamil society until today and their ancient ways that have been lost and how these ways are being adopted in modern times.

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Dr. K. Venkatalchapathy

Prof. K.Venkatachalapathy who holds degrees in M.Com., M.Ed., .C.L.,M.Sc(Yog)., M.Phil., Ph.D. is from the ancient temple town of Chidambaram.

Dr. Venkatachalapathy is an authority and researcher in Yoga and that too in the  Citta Yogam teachings, tradition, and the traditions and practices of the Ancient Tamil Cittar Tradition. He himself is a practitioner in the Siva Yogam teachings of the Siddars in enhancing his practice to the higher yogic practices. His specialty with TYOGA is in the practice of Tirumular’s Yogam and the Tirumantiram. He is one of the very few people capable and experienced as a teachers with knowledge in the field of Yoga who can co-relate the ancient text to modern science and reasoning.


Dr.T. Ganesh

Dr.Ganesan, has been working as Senior Research Assistant in the prestigious French Institute, Pondicherry (IFP) since 1985. He is presently now working on the project ‘A comprehensive History of Caiva Ciddanta in Tamilnadu’ surveying the contents of the entire gamut of Caiva Ciddanta literature (published and unpublished) that spans more than a millennium and tracing the system's historical development. He has presented more than 40 seminar papers and research articles concerning Caivism and Caiva Ciddanta. More than a dozen of these articles have been published in prestigious research journals. Dr. Ganesan has also addressed research scholars by delivering lectures at the Université de Paris III-Nouvelle Sorbonne, Paris, and at the University of Marburg, Germany.



Siddhanthasinthanaiselvar Dr. C. Balu is a retired professor of 'Philosophy' who served at Annamalai University, Chidambaram for over 29 years.


His area of specialisation is ‘Caiva Ciddanta.’  He has published many articles and has delivered lectures at different places in India and abroad.


His specialisation on this subject takes his students into the very depth of this philosophy that aims at providing the right knowledge for the student to grow in.


Dr. Balu has endeavored to present the philosophy of the southern school of Caivism and provides an exposition of Caiva Ciddanta as a philosophy of spiritual life.

Our Teachers

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Sharwan Kumar


Sharwan Kumar is one of the upcoming authorities and researcher in Citta Yogam. He received his initial training from Bihar School of Yoga. and continued his practice on Yoga.

He worked as a Yoga teacher and therapist at Chandigarh embarking and continuing in his spiritual practice of Yoga.  He worked with patients of different diseases teaching yoga asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, and Meditation.

He is now a Youth Trustee of TYOGA and a member of the Governing Body. He is an example of the next generation of traditional Citta Yogam teachers of TYOGA.


Rajesh Kumar Naga

Rajesh has completed his D.N.Y.S.,  M.A. Yoga , D.Y.N. , M.D.(Alternative medicine) and Iyenger Yoga Therapy and now continues his yogic journey in the Ancient Citta Yogam Tradition.

Rajesh is also a Yoga Therapist and has his expertise in naturopathy and pain relief management. He is in practice now over 20 years teaching yoga asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, Meditations and Yoga philosophy for the healing process.

His practice covers all aspects of traditional Yoga offering uplifting perspectives on all levels of the practice.


Citta Wellness System

Citta Wellness System

It is an ancient Cittar practice to gain imortality.

CWS has designed a Lifestyle Management programme  under the guidance of Cittar Kannan who comes from such a linage and practisioners.

His great grandfather Cittar Ramaswamy has taken Jeeva Samadi.

Being the grand son he has continued in this tradition till date.

Cittar Recipes for Immorality, are ways and affiliation to a timeless and pure community, the fantasy of a Tamil utopia, with the prospect of immortality.


Cittars speak of a golden age of Tamil civilisation and of its traditional practices and lifestyle, drawing on broader revivalist formulations of a pure and ancient Tamil community.


Cittar Kannan is the Head of the Cittar Wellness System Programme

Through the years Cittar Kannan has been collecting olaiccuvati  and researching interesting formulas that have been used as Lifestyle management by the Ancient Cittars. Many do not know how to decipher olaiccuvatikkal; Cittar Kannan has been trained by his great grandfather  Cittar Ramaswamy twhere he can transcript and has transcribed such secrets that he uses today; capable of suggesting such practices for the benefit of an individual.

Cittar Kannan is an ‘acan’ (traditional master) who teaches his knowledge to very select disciples he believes are fit to carry these secrets forward. His bedroom is cluttered with all his writings and research. Certain Wellness Lifestyle

Management Systems are prepared for the individual are very complex to ensure a proper conclusion. These are highly valued, practices for the individual spiritually to build up the concerned person.

He is a great baktar of Lord Civa and has dedicated his life for the well fair of human beings all equal in his eyes.

Cittar M. Senthamarai Kannan

In Training


Sharwan Kumar


Sharwan Kumar has started his training with Cittar Kannan into the Ancient Cittar teachings. At his young age he is committed to developing his spiritual life in the Cittar tradition and teachings. He is devoted to Cittar Kannan, responding to his guidance. Cittar Kannan  what's described as transmission of direct understanding, which does not occur primarily through the intellect as the transmission comes from the tradition and has its own interpretation. Yet one experiences with the Cittar that is beyond knowledge and inspiration, in which there is a direct transfer of understanding.

He will spend his years even after his training such experiences with the blessings of the Cittar to do his Karmam.


Spiritual Training and Karmic Practices




Sivaguruswami began his journey in Spirituality from the age of 17.  In 2004 he accepted Sanyasam at Kasi. It was in this time in Kasi that he was given the secrets of Astrology so that he may help people through Karmic solutions. His Spiritual practices are devoted to Lord Bairava and through his practices receive positive results for the individual through different processes for people to clear their paths. Sivaguruswami strongly advocates the concepts of Darma which he believes to be free from any partiality and as an embodiment of truthfulness. It is also a positive karmic action that one keeps doing over and over again that helps a person to evolve better. To him something that’s not Darmic by thought, by action and in nature is anything that does not hold true. His work is directed towards betterment of mankind as a whole.


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