Partner with us explores how yoga is reaching far beyond studios and retreats, to alleviate suffering and give people the tools to turn their lives around. This is a place for you to explore how you can partner with TYOGA from anywhere in the world based on what is going on in the world and how we can serve and find out how you can get involved to make a difference.

As decades of research accumulate, yoga and meditation continue to gain recognition as the prevailing prescription for transforming mental and physical pain. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is occurring all over the world as a result of personal trauma as well as larger-scale events affecting communities and nations. For example PTSD is inextricably linked to subsequent mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and panic disorders, which in turn may lead to chronic physical illnesses, addiction, and incarceration, causing further trauma.

These realities affect millions of people worldwide and become a perpetual cycle for many. Citta Yogam has the powerful ability to go against this current and help people to heal. As human beings, we are blessed with powerful minds and tremendously resilient bodies; however, when there is disunion and they are not working in synchronicity, the effects can impede our ability to experience our full potential.

Citta Yogam practice re-establishes and nurtures the connection between the mind, body, and soul. It is the practice of diving down, little by little, through the many layers to reach the core essence of our being: boundless and everlasting bliss. It is in this discovery that the power for transformation that exists within us can be used to make the changes.

Citta Yogam is about a process of deconstructing all the barriers we may have erected that prevent us from having an authentic connection with ourselves and with the world and nature itself.

Join us and partner with us to help others bring a change in their lives. Be a catalyst to make a change for others.

Citta Yogam ‘Partner with Us’ begins its first project in Malaysia. This project is managed by Kaariventhan at Kuala Lumpur.

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