People & Culture

Our Story

Culture of Thoughtful Service & Compassion

It is in our nature to look after people, to anticipate their needs and to care for them. We value the deep bonds and emotional connections we have with all who join us on our journey that include our guests and colleagues. These ties and the strong sense of belonging continue to build a better way of life and to live each one’s life as an individual blossoming as a lotus out of the water towards the Sun.

Our culture of thoughtful activities and service is embodied in our people as they engage and interact with others, and with each other every day. They know instinctively what it means to delight as a spiritual self to others and to deliver one’s goodness from the heart as a fellow human being. They are ambassadors of the Cittar Tradition.


We owe our success to the dedication and commitment that is given. The drive to bring Human wellness in people and alienate their suffering as much as possible, no matter who they may be or are. Their authenticity and passion to serve and to relate on a personal level bringing joy and purpose of life to others makes us an undisputed leader in Wellness.

As we expand our footprint and grow as a family, we are committed to bring value to our people and others by realising each one’s individual potential. We aim to work together with our people to fulfil their aspirations along every step of their life.

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