PG Diploma in Citta Yogam

90 Days at Vaitheeswaran

Certificate Course



The prominence of Yoga has been on an increase across the globe, with more and more people knowing off its benefits.  Citta Yogam goes beyond the physical practices of asana. Citta Yogam envisages a yogic teaching, practice, and lifestyle providing the required training today to aspirants who wish to undertake a career in this field, teaching and developing themselves into the higher path of yoga.

The higher path to yogam has been lost and people have to stop short to what truly yoga is all about being the most important goal in yoga. Cittar Yogam is the most traditional way of a Yogam journey for an individual to ultimately accomplish in the practice and lifestyle that one is trained into. It is a NEW Yogam Journey for others who do not know about this. It will be the new yoga in the 21st century, you will be placed as the very few who are elegable to train this yogic teaching and practice to others.

PG Diploma in Citta Yogam                   

90 Day Residential Intensive Course with Certification. (Level 1 - Level 3

The PG Diploma in Cittar Yogam is a Level 1 to 3 Course. Those who have finished Level 1 – Diploma in Citta Yogam  can join this course one week before the second term of the course begins to continue and finish the PG Diploma in Citta Yogam.


In this full-time PG Diploma in Citta Yogam training and practice, the programme covers the higher aspects and train in Citta Yogam and the lifestyle one has to adopt to gain the best results.  The course is intensive, morning to evening all 7 days a week practices, classes, and training. There is also a self-detoxification activity built into the training to begin removing toxins in the body. This monastic retreat course is for would-be yoga teachers, and for anybody wanting to make a higher transformational shift in their mind, body-spiritual connection to find a meaningful purpose in life and work towards that and yet live in this 21st-century.


 This course covers all the basic techniques and skills required to get started on the noble path to a higher skill and training acquiring and experiencing your practical knowledge of Citta Yogam to be more skilled in teaching others. The practice and philosophy having a detoxifying effect to enrich your body, mind, and soul leads you to the higher experiences of yogam to understand the very purpose of life and your journey in it.


 The TYOGA Gurukulam is a monastic living and training for all on the path of Citta Yogam in a peaceful environment in an area where the ancient traditional teaching of yoga both of Sage Patanjali and Cittar Tirumular come from. This center derives its spiritual energy from this environment known for its ancient yogic atmosphere where the roots of yoga were given out and practices.


TYOGA Gurukulam is to teach would-be teachers this yogic lifestyle from around the world, of all ages and backgrounds, who have a selfless commitment to offer this yogic teaching and practice to benefit others.


Course Begins on...                       Ends on ...

November 30th, 2020

May 31st, 2021

February 28th, 2021

August 30th, 2021

Please choose the most convenient date for you to join the PG Diploma in Citta Yogam and apply.

This PG Diploma Course and Retreat is for Everyone

Any student who wishes to deepen their practice-physical, spiritual, and mental are welcome, even if teaching is not the goal.


What is it About?

This advanced practice will take you beyond the basics and leave you ready to teach with confidence at a much higher level. This Citta Yogam course envisages providing the required training today to the aspirants who wish to undertake a career in this field, teaching and developing themselves into the higher path of yoga.


The course aids to impart the ancient knowledge from its roots about the benefits of Yogam and introducing the higher road to yogic practices and teachings from the Cittar tradition, teachings, practices, and lifestyle to others.


This Citta Yogam course at Vaitheeswaran is for serious yoga practitioners to deepen their knowledge in the heart of where yoga has been developed and practiced since ancient times.


Students who join this course must possess the zeal and aptitude to gain extensive knowledge about the dimensions of Cittar Yogam and grow in this unique potent yoga practice, with results through its application. It simply brings a change in you with the beginning of working on your spiritual nature.


The PG Diploma in Citta Yogam enhances your spiritual nature thereby bringing in a change in you.

What do you achieve in taking this Diploma?

  1. Professional, Traditional Intensive Yogam Practice and Discipline

     2. It enables you to open your own

         centre of teaching and teach others


      3. You join an exclusive group of

           teachers unique to this tradition and

           its teachings – you stand away from

           the crowd.

       4. Yogic Lifestyle.

       5. Explore an ancient Philosophy of

           the Tamils and the Cittar tradition

           and its purpose.

        6. A well rounded Yogic Monastic

            Lifestyle Training and discipline

         7.Work with Body, Mind, and Soul in

            an Ancient Authentic Yoga


          8. Work on your spiritual nature.

           9. Practice the detoxification


           10.Post-course support and


Who can Come?

Physically fit to handle eight and more hours a day of practice, teachings and classes. Spiritually focused. To be above petty judgments of people and society.  Ready to think beyond. Having no chronic illness, recent surgeries, pregnant, or under any psychological disorders.


Eligibility: Minimum Qualifying 10th standard school examination in any field. Reading, writing, and understanding of English is important.


Requirements: Must be Medically Fit. Not on any kind of Drug. No smoking or use of Alcohol. Mentally stable. Spiritually inclined, Polite at all times, Courteous at all times. Well-mannered, Respectful to others, No bad language or cursing. Be a positive human being.


Social Requirement: This is a monastic environment. All Rules and Regulations must be followed as it is the discipline of the practice and Teachings. Accommodation for Men and Women are separate. Social distancing is a must for diving deeper into the practice. Silent times must be followed.

What is Provided

88 Days of Intensive Practice and Training

Shared Accommodation – Monastic living

Training Manual and Notes with Guidelines

Meditation Practices

Homemade Indian Meals

Nightly Meditation Classes

Spiritual Environment

Detoxification of the body

Airport Pick-up and Drop - Chennai International Airport.

Costs for the 90 days at Tyoga




(Tyoga is a non-profit organisation. 90 days cost is your daily expenditure by being with Tyoga and the arrangements it makes on behalf of you to fulfill each day's experience and its costs paid on your behalf).


You are welcome to contribute to the TRUST any DONATION you feel you would like to give in supporting our work.


This is a non-commercial activity.

Yoga Carrier option

Maybe you want change your whole career and become a yoga teacher, or maybe you just want to take some time out to learn more about yogic philosophy, focus on deepening your practice, get fitter and healthier, or simply finding out more about yourself. Either way, taking a yoga teacher training course is something that could really change your life and Vaitheeswaran is the best place to do it!

Much is not known to the world about the ancient Tamil country and how it is related to yoga.

Modern  practices of Yoga are simply the latest grafts onto the tree of yoga.

Thinking about yoga this way, as a vast and ancient tree with many roots and branches, is not a betrayal of authentic "tradition," nor does it encourage an uncritical acceptance of everything that calls itself "yoga," no matter how absurd. On the contrary, this kind of thinking can encourage us to examine our own practices and beliefs more closely, to see them in relation to our own past as well as to our ancient heritage. It can also give us some clarity as we navigate the sometimes-bewildering contemporary marketplace of yoga.

Beyond mere history for history's sake, learning about yoga's recent past gives us a necessary and powerful lens for seeing our relationship with tradition, ancient and modern. At its best, modern yoga scholarship is an expression of today's most urgently needed yogic virtue, viveka ("discernment" or "right judgment"). Understanding yoga's history and tangled, ancient roots brings us that much closer to true, clear seeing. It may also help to move us to a more mature phase of yoga practice for the 21st century that being Citta Yogam.

"Tradition" is a word that gets tossed around a lot in yoga circles. We're taught the "traditional" way to do poses: "The feet are hip-width apart in Downward-Facing Dog." We're taught the "traditional" way to string them together: "Headstand comes before Shoulderstand." We take comfort in believing that we're the heirs to an ancient treasury of knowledge, the latest bead in a mala that stretches back, unbroken, for generations. In rootless, amnesiac American culture—where "traditions," like lipstick colors, change every season—the very antiquity of yoga gives it instant cachet, as evidenced by the jackets of yoga videos advertising a "5,000-year-old exercise system."

This how yoga is today. It is time to move out of this picture and dive back to the roots.

The goal of this training programme is to produce qualified and inspiring yoga teachers who are able to draw on their own practice and personal discipline in imparting Citta Yogam teachings to others.


There is a huge need for the teachings of Citta Yogam for a 21st-century lifestyle to live in. You will be the few who can provide this being on the path to become a well-respected practitioner.  Start a new life with Citta Yogam at the heart… you will never go wrong!

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