Karma and Reincarnation

Updated: Aug 15

Karma and reincarnation are intensely interconnected. What you are in this life is because of the many past lives you have journeyed through.


Karma is a part of our life. It is your constant companion. Karma takes an infinite range of forms based on the individual’s actions. This is the key that you must always have control on and be aware of it at all times. This key once you understand it will open the door to your future. This simply translates to say that what you do matters. Our karma of the past and the karma of present karma, decide the quality of life and the journey you are to live. It is a dynamic situation that is everchanging.

Karma & Astrology

How do astrology and karma affect our lives today is a question that scientists are trying to answer. Karma or your past life experiences are also a major part of astrology. Past life experiences can have a huge impact on your current life and how you perceive things now.

Your present reality is the result of your karma, which has come into being as a result of your own past actions taken consciously or unconsciously. At the same time, your present actions, the choices you make each moment, will define your future karma.

Astrology, and the art of interpreting, is based on karma. It is an ancient art of karmic reading and interpretation, that was necessary to achieve positive changes and direction of one’s future. It is a tool that is use to understand the way the universe works and how we are connected and how this tool can help us to improve our life and go in the right direction.

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