Yoga Professional Course

Updated: Aug 15

TYOGA Courses and Practices translate ancient yogic principles and practices into a language youth can understand and apply to their daily lives without diminishing their powerful effects.


TYOGA Yoga Professional Course is a unique course designed to foster confident, healthy, emotionally-stable individuals with higher levels of scholastic aptitude and expanded behavioral management skills for Youth as a Continuing Education into a Profession through Skilled Vocational Practical training. The course and practice addresses four major components; behavioral stability, self-esteem, physical health and scholastic aptitude. Focusing on these components treats a multitude of symptoms that youth are subjected to today.

Yoga Master

When the wrong identification of yourself with the body ceases, the master will be found to be none other than the Self.


Character education is an important component of the YPC Youth curriculum, taught via the eight principles of Right Understanding, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Attitude, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration. The training recognizes that human dignity, cultural, and intersectional identities are critical to thriving communities and that students are trained and taught on these bases.

TYOGA Yoga programme is committed to uplifting young people so that they have the tools to realize their own greatness and potential and make a positive life for themselves as a Professional. The programme of training is based on a “whole person” approach through relationship-building and strengths -based learning.

Though the popularity of yoga continues to skyrocket around the world, youth have an opportunity to get into a profession as a Yoga Master around the world.

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