Karma & Destiny

Karma & Destiny are the two legs of man to drive human life towards its ultimate goal!

‘Destiny,’ is often used by people to say you can change it. ‘Karma’ on the other hand is treated as ‘Fate.’ How far is this true? Can your destiny be changed by your actions?

Karma is not fate! Fate works in the present moment of it’s happening and is beyond your control. It is about your past events that you have faced and something that is happening in the present that’s not in your hands.

Karma is something in your hands. Something which you can perform and something which can be changed from the moment you have realised, and are aware of it and take action of it. Any karma performed in the past can’t be reversed but the present karma created or being created can be changed, so to ensure that you are going in the right direction also shredding off the past negative karmas befallen on thee. In this way you can change your present life for the future. This is in your own hands, that you can do or perform, and something which can be used for positive change.

Destiny is something that’s beyond your control. Each step of your life is passing through destiny. It is a journey you have taken and works through a set of rules that is governed by karma and your present actions. It is a dynamic state of activity that is ongoing - a Karmam! But realise that in the present moment of time your future destiny can be changed and therefore under your control. Destiny is your unknown future that you are ever shaping through your karmic actions.

So, realise that you can change your destiny through karma as you paint your future with your very own actions.

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