Many at time our students need certain knowledge, they often need it instantly. Real-time learning is knowledge acquisition based on immediate needs. They don’t have to wait for the next training session to find the skill that they need at that particular time. Real-time learning offers a host of benefits. Students at the Kurukulam are provided the opportunity to learn new skills on demand, mainly due to the efficiency of the platform the Kurukulam builds. Knowledge on demand enables students to learn directly what they need to learn. In order to have an effective teaching skill that can easily adapt to changes, they need to be trained in real-time to allow them to quickly learn new skills.

Real-time learning offers them that ability.


Using groundbreaking Cittar perception training -enables the body and mind sensor technology; the student becomes  a vehicle engineered to the highest degree of precision to deal with his or her life. It’s autonomous life reimagined. 



Students are provided different opportunities and training to get first-hand experience in the practice of Cittar Yogam and to investigate for themselves and the result of their practice. This benefits the student to have a real-time experience that commits the student as it plays a vital role in developing confidence and experience for themselves. Additionally, our students will play an important role in raising awareness as they themselves become aware. “The Proof is in the Pudding.”


The Cittar system lets students learn responses to situations, that have been created for them to handle.  More importantly, they practice those responses until reaching competence. They feel their practice, hear the sounds, see the sights, then respond with the right decisions and actions. Each student follows procedures and standards as a bench mark to improve themselves to go higher in the practice and teachings.