Citta Curriculum School for Children aged 3 – 11

A Unique  One of it's Kind Education to develop a Child to be an Exceptional Human being!

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The Cittar International School is about tradition, values, a different curriculum based on the best of the East and West so that children are groomed to be world-class citizens - the coming together of human beings living a fruitful life.

How do we prepare ourselves to give our children the solid spiritual training they’ll need?  How can we help them “succeed” in those areas of life that really matter? 


The Cittar International School is a ‘Temple of Study and Practice’ in our age-old traditions and practices – in the ancient Gurukulam method of teaching and living for a student.

Our methodology focuses on the body, its senses, and the thoughts and feelings of the mind – through which to come in contact with ourselves and our inner reality.

The study and practice expand the senses, thus heightening the awareness of the child. These practices bring about powerful, yet simple techniques that enable us to experience that we are neither our body, nor our thoughts, nor our feelings. This is the most fundamental stage and foundation for the proper development of a child in the world.  This fundamental experience can open up new dimensions for his or her onward journey in their life.


The school is being set up so that parents can provide an opportunity for their young children to begin a study and practice that can prepare them for a more positive and eventful life for the future.

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“We can’t blame everything on genes… People have to open their minds to the terrible possibility that…the important events in the development of a child happen between the ages of 3 and 11 at home and at school.”


The overall vision of The Cittar International School is in developing an educational environment for children in which they reach their own unique potential through a balanced development of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Underlying this integral approach is the development of faculties that will allow our students to pursue the unfolding of their inner truth in harmony with the material world.


Interwoven with this endeavor towards individual development is a collective aspiration towards human unity. Our deepest aspiration is to prepare children to live in a higher consciousness and to manifest a truer and better life on earth.


It is now a known fact within the scientific community worldwide - and also in the world of coaching - that even if one wishes to develop only one aspect of any formation, one cannot ignore the whole. So too it is with the body: it is like an orchestra, each part integrating and working in unison with the other parts. The Integral Yoga emphasises the need for the integral development of all levels of the being.


Our aim is to develop the physical capacities and attributes to their perfection through a consciously chosen programme. The notion of perfection implies harmonious and complete development. Just as we train the young mind through the study of various subjects, so also the body needs development and training in a comprehensive, varied programme that covers all different parts of the physical being. Next will be the mental development followed by spiritual development. Each part is woven like a fine fabric to bring the optimal results in grooming and developing a child to become a human being in our curriculum.



In all of the exercises we do with children and teenagers, we put the focus on what is done and how it is done, what is happening and how it is happening and we give special importance to the concept of the use of oneself. The use of oneself conveys the possibility of feeling, acting, and thinking without identifying oneself with the actions as if the thinker, doer, and feeler were not oneself but tools of the ‘self.’


The keyword of this concept is ‘use.’ Generally speaking, we learn to use many outer things or instruments; we learn to do things, but we do not often learn to evaluate how we use ourselves in everything we do. This concept allows children and teenagers to consider what they do, how they act, feel, and think. Instead of just reacting to situations, they can reevaluate and assess several options to achieve their aims in a more precise and effective way. This concept helps to reduce the stress produced by conflicts that they may have in relating to themselves or with the environment or even with other people. It brings the possibility of overcoming habits and limitations and gives a sense of inner freedom and peace. This concept also feeds the ‘witness’ attitude.

The Cittar International School functions within a community of select individuals who are dedicated to the charter of TYOGA. One of the points of the charter is for THE CITTAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL to be "a place of an unending education, of constant progress, and develop a child into a youth that never ages and ready to deal with life."

Our study programme for the early years of the child prepares our youngest children by providing an exceptional first educational experience that will introduce them to the joys of learning.  It combines a curriculum that is stimulating, creative, and integrated, with specific guidance on personal, social, and emotional development.

The Cittar International School follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This is to ensure that the standards achieved by Year 6 pupils are compatible with the requirements of entry into British type secondary schools.

Our curriculum not only acts as a transition between home and school but also starts children and teenagers off with the learning habits necessary to access education at a later age. The curriculum underpins all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting, and developing children’s and teenager's experiences. During their early formative years, they begin to make sense of their world through a broad and balanced learning environment.

We recognise that a child has a unique set of attributes and abilities.  That they must be treated as an individual and taught as an individual! Our goal is to nurture and develop each child and teenager to achieve their potential. We aim to encourage them to be inquisitive, informed, and independent students. The curriculum emphasises a child-centered teenager – centered instructional approach in the acquisition of all types of skills.

Benefits of Our Curriculum for Children


The following are just some of the recognized benefits of TYOGA’s Cittar International School training and lifestyle that we offer for children and their development under the guidance of highly accomplished dedicated people.


•         Assists neuromuscular- 


•        Promotes development of the

          vestibular system

•        Encourages midline crossing

          motions; motor development on

          both sides of the body

•        Develops a strong and flexible


•        Increases balance, body

          awareness and coordination

•        Improves posture and alignment

•        Develops core strength,

          essential for good posture and

          correct physical alignment

•        Reduces injuries and improves


•        Improves digestion, circulation

          and elimination

•        Strengthens the immune system

•        Relaxes the body, promoting

          better sleep


•        Calms and clears the mind, 

          bringing us into the present


•        Relieves tension and stress

•        Increases concentration, focus

          and attention span

•        Promotes thinking and memory

•        Stimulates auditory processing

          and responsiveness

•        Expands imagination and


•        Reduces stress and anxiety

•        Improves ability to be less

          active; more mindful of 

              thoughts, words and actions

•        Balances energy (high or low)


•        Builds confidence and self-


•        Supports character development

          and emotional intelligence

•        Enhances team skills and social


•        Develops discipline and self-


•        Supports individuality and self-


•        Encourages social and 

          environmental awareness and


•        Supports a sense of universal


•        Inspires respect for self and




•        Improves mind/body


•        Encourages a fit and healthy


•        Promotes an overall sense of


Ancient Traditional Yoga of the Cittars helps children see the beauty and light within themselves, thereby boosting their self-confidence, allowing them to feel more comfortable with their bodies, and helping them get in touch with who they are inside. A child, who learns and practices Citta Yogam, has mindfulness and relaxation and will be developing essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.




The Gurukulam is like a mother. It performs it’s duties in managing and educating human beings to make them noble by training her children to form the character and standards practiced by great souls, so that man has the ability to further his quest in the right manner.


The Gurukulam is a place of transformation and has the privilege to teach, educate and bring the very best out of man.


That is Darmam!


Our practice helps us to discover a new world within us and an astounding new world around us—with creative solutions to our toughest problems.


There is surprising evidence of a powerful new world growing right in our midst, despite escalating worldwide crises.


The right practice and growth within the traditional practice that has been handed down generation by generation for human well-being will guide children to spiritual growth and social change as it always has. The great teachings of the Cittar who were immortal has given us the gift of these teachings to manage one’s life.


 You can change yourself--and change the world at the same time if you follow the right practice and be in the company of such minded people.


For each person it is the spiritual magic that evokes the soul and that one can find the part that one can follow to one’s final goal despite any crises. Crises will come and they will go…we are a part to it and yet not.


"Realise that life itself is a school and we are here to learn and pass all the tests. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away, but the lessons and experiences learned will last a lifetime and shapes our ever-changing destiny."

“Great importance is attached to “The Search of Knowledge’ and therefore the ‘Guru – Sishya Parampara’ is of great importance. As a result, the ultimate goal is a philosophical one – a journey through life, aided by this particular practice, the study of knowledge, routed as it were through it.”


“As a result, it was not merely the subject, but also ‘the path’ to that knowledge that is important. It is with this, that the relationship between the teacher and the pupil becomes vital. Between the Guru and Student there exists a deep bond, replete with demands made on both. This methodology has been practiced through thousands of years maintaining the oral tradition of study and association that is of great importance, as it brings the relationship of Guru and Shyshya at its highest levels of soul connection that has brought about great people in the world.”


“ It is these people who have been an instrument in providing mankind an opportunity to self-realise themselves and to go the right way in their life to reach their proper goal known to the Spiritual Guru – the Almighty.”


"This is the TYOGA way.

ADMISSION IS OPEN FOR 2022 Classes of 3rd and 4th standard ONLY at Chidambaram.

For those parents who are interested in educating their children in the Cittar Tradition with a western education can get in touch with us to set the process of admission. Each class will have not more than 15 students and are only for boys. Please contact us at to further your interest in our CITTAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL programme for your child.


to this science and method of learning.

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