Youth Skill to a Profession is imperative. Our Level 1 to Level 3 Yoga Professional Course and Practice completed in 3 years opens a door into taking up a Profession as a Skilled Yoga Master as early as 21 years of age. This training of skills coupled with practical on hands training gives exposure to the youth at a very young age and into a respected profession. This profession gives job opportunities around the world and as a respected

Yoga Master.

TYOGA offers Placement within India and Abroad to all those who have successfully completed the course.




25th, September 2022


Continuing Education for Youth to a Highly Skilled Profession
Yoga Professional Course  2022

The TYOGA YPC programme and lifestyle, brings a practice for students to follow the Cittar tradition and teachings of the Ancient Tamils Cittars.

The course, practice and lifestyle management with discipline sets the tone and actions of the individual student. This course sets out each individual student as a unique entity to be trained so that they can shine as a 'gem' in the world. To journey and get the best all students who wish to grow fruitfully in these teachings, must observe the strict procedures that will be laid down to be followed at al times by the Kurukulam teachers and mentors.

The practice, study and contemplation is the foundation under which YOU as a student will learn, practice, experience and finally discover for yourself the magic and richness of these teachings Each student is on his or her very own journey. Each are different. This is the prime importance given in the Kurukulam to nurture each individual preparing the student to go forward in the training. Do NOT compare yourself with you fellow mates in the kurukulam or even outsiders in the world. Your journey alone is yours to fulfill. This journey is left to you to accomplish for yourself with the help and support through the teachings and practices given. The teachers and mentors are your guides to ensure you are going the right way all the time. It is important to have a ‘Self’ development practice as you will learn not to depend on any one other that the ‘Adhi Asan.’ This must be your core understanding and faith at all times.


  • To provide the foundations on which individuals can improve and maintain their physical, mental and spiritual well-being and to ensure progress in their Cittar Journey - the student does his research on himself.

  • To train individuals to become inspired competent Cittar Yogam practitioners.

  • To enable our students to generate an understanding of the principles of Cittars and their yogic practices so as to improve the quality of life of the student and his or her purpose in life.

  • To develop the ability to perform appropriate practices so as to improve physical and mental conditions as well as an emotional equilibrium.

  • To help psychological functions, e.g. awareness, concentration, will etc.

  • To develop firstly Karma and Bakti Yogam practices, laying the foundation for the Cittar Journey that support meaningful and relevant strategies in tune with them for a better life in the future.

  • To increase personal awareness of natural ways of living, eating and healing, enabling individuals to assume more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Philosophy of the Kurukulam

  • The ultimate 'Asan' is the Universal Asan within oneself.

  • Responsibility for developing your practice through the teachings given, your health and happiness and way of life lies with each individual. Each student is shown a way to proceed and it is up to them to follow this way and be committed at all times to ensure reaching the final Goal.

  • Citter Yogam is studied and practiced to provide an intuitive educated practice and choice that makes the student to follow the footsteps of the Citters,  the main path to follow, to reach the mountain top to be reached with ease - a direct route.

Primary Aims

  • To enable students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for an effective personal practice.

  • To provide a basis for the continued study of the philosophy, principles and practice of Citter Yogam.

  • Being trained in languages, etiquette, general knowledge to support their work in becoming a Master in Yogic Teachings & Practices - become a 'gem' and shine in the world.

  • By purifying your Karmic state and having Bakthi towards the highest Being to guide you, using your body mind and soul  through posture and breath, reaching consciousness that will expand to widen your perspective of life and your role in it.

  • Standards are derived and underpinned from five fundamental Citter Yogam principles that have been set to follow:

  •   Non-injury

  •   Truthfulness

  •    Self-study

  •    Faith

  •    Devotion

Secondary Aims

  • To introduce the key principles and subjects of Citter Yogam and become a Master of it.​

  • To introduce students to a practical practice daily with discipline.

  • To allow time for focused attention in every action that is being done with a positive  conclusion.

  • To provide an opportunity and environment to be disciplined devoted with positive energy radiated by each individual in their journey.



Professor Tiru. Amal Xavier Raj, PhD