Much less is known of the yogic traditions of South India as it was guarded in secrecy and taught in the traditional manner to the spiritually mature disciple. In most cases the enlightened beings went on to evolve into the final objective of yoga and that was to merge into God in the physical form itself. Many of these Cittars maintained spiritual diaries and writings in the form of poetry from the time they actualized into discovering the divine with deeper meaning, the beginning of their journey into yoga attaining enlightenment, and to the final state of transforming into light, merging with the Supreme.

Cittars’ were evolved spiritual beings who went beyond enlightenment to accomplish the final yoga of attaining the ultimate perfection as becoming one with God. Perfection in this sense means the state of the highly evolved. This is the ultimate objective of yoga in Citta philosophy. Yoga of Tamil Citta tradition in South India or Tamilagam as it was called meant the accomplishment of merging the body into the supreme light of the absolute as attainments of eight different dimensions of perfection. Each dimension of perfection is the miraculous powers that were acquired while practicing this path of yoga.  Cittars consider the attainment of various cittis as grace which naturally flows into them through their yogic practices and it was held sacred as the mark of the divine presence within themselves.

The realm of a Cittar is mystical and has remained unchanged over thousands of years. To envision this world, it is comparable to the life present in the extreme depth of the ocean existing under intense high pressure and in total darkness, hardly ever disturbed by external forces. This would be an example to illustrate the world of the ‘Cittars’ in Southern India which still is vibrant and alive and yet far away from the rest of human civilization. These ancient spiritual places in South India, hidden from the rest of the world resonate with the presence of the Cittars even today.

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