Spiritual Living

“Those who improve themselves, for themselves and in turn for the sake of the world — to these, the whole truth of the universe will be revealed. So seek this whole truth, practice it in your daily life, and humbly share it with others. You will enter the realm of the divine.”

Gather together, those of you who share high ideals and pool your resources for positive purposes to fulfill. A simple life will bring you inner freedom. Harmony with nature will bring you a happiness known to few. In the company of other truth seekers, it will be easier for you to meditate and connect with God.

Welcome to our community.

We are a global spiritual movement, based on the teachings of Cittar Tirumular, who has shown the way for everyone to realize God – the eternal light. To be in harmony and feel God’s active presence through ancient and effective techniques.

For more information on what the community project is all about please e-mail us.

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