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Tirumular's Yoga Therapy is the grand road to Health and Wellness, so that the human being can effortlessly journey into yogam and gain the nectar of the journey.

We offer you this individual practice, to balance your body so that your body works with you and not against you. In this way a natural change begin to occur. This is what you must look for and so our Tirumular's Yoga Therapy practice begin you on this journey of wellness and wellbeing.




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Tirumular's Yoga Therapy


Tirumular’s Yoga Therapy caters to the physical, mental and emotional balancing of an individual and it is not at all only about stretching and movement. There’s much more to it.

Healings without medicine using only asana and breathing practices are ancient ways to rejuvenate yourself. Tirumular’s Yoga Therapy is just that. It is simply physical and mental therapy using breathing and asana to receive the health benefit they are meant for.

Tirumular’s Yoga Therapy can be said to be the roots of such yogic practice many 1000’s of years ago. He brought about his teachings to us through the Tirumantiram. He has touched on various aspects and his work is considered the final conclusion!

He gave great importance in breathing. Tirumular on evaluating the qualitative standard of the pace of exhaling breath, is truly ‘an eye opener’ that emphasises the quality in practicing Pranayama.

Tirumular Yoga Therapy is the formal definition as is; “it is a process empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and the practices of Yogam.” Yoga therapy is primarily the application of yoga practices on an individual in order to alleviate one’s physical and mental health conditions. While yoga practice aims to cultivate the mind, body, and soul of an individual, yoga therapy, on the other hand, uses particular yoga practices that benefits to help improve mental and physical ailments and conditions.

Tirumular’s Yoga Therapy is a yoga practice that has the potential of providing therapeutic effects in a broader and general way, while this is a more specialized and designed approach to heal or treat someone already suffering from a particular physical or mental condition. This therapy is a personalized and evolving yoga practice to the care-seeker depending on the individual’s needs, requirements, and ailment. This personalised yoga practice targets the individual’s illness at the very core, thus addressing the illness in a multi-dimensional manner, complementary manner while being progressive and non-invasive. This can also be preventive or curative and that depends upon the nature and the severity of the illness.

This type of therapy has gained huge popularity, both locally and globally. In recent years as many doctors are actually now supporting it, and are incorporating yoga therapy in the process of their treatment, doctors and research journals have revealed that this provides multi-tiered benefits and applying it to those who are suffering physically and physiologically do bring them immense benefits.

Most of us in today’s times are leading busy and stressful lives and that is having a whole lot of negative impact on us not only physically but also mentally. Stress leads to a lot of medical problems and extending ourselves to yoga or this therapy is the best way we can reduce stress and improve our overall well-being.

Tirumular Yoga based therapy used for mental and emotional curing is usually gentler, specialised and are directed to regulate the nervous system to foster the return of the awareness of the body. These sessions include breathing coordination, breathing techniques, postures, meditation, relaxation techniques and even behavioral changes.

Tirumular Yoga therapy provides benefits to specific physical health concerns. It helps people acquire specific tools to cater to their specific conditions in order to prevent or cure the ailment and bring about overall wellness.

Tirumular Yoga Therapy also benefits you by providing you a fulfilling way to exercise. If it is done correctly and on a regular basis it is not only motivating but is also very rewarding in helping you to stay and become fit, burn calories and lose weight.

Yoga therapy caters to individual needs and therefore these sessions ensure that one gains the most from the yoga poses and postures thus benefiting them for their personal needs.

This special therapy also helps you by slowing down your aging process and improves your overall health from within. It betters your blood circulation, cardio-vascular functions, muscle movements, and flexibility.

This therapy deepens the awareness and balance of our body and mind increasing our immunity and health from its most subtle level of functioning.

Tirumular’s Yoga Therapy is a therapy session that goes much further because it is tailor-made in accordance with the individual’s needs. We work to address specific goals while keeping in mind your physical or physiological limitations.