TYOGA INTERNATIONAL is a 'We Are One' Programme to bring the benefits to people in the world the Ancient Tamil Cittar Teachings and Lifestyle Management for Human Wellness and Well Being.

Our International Centre is in Malaysia.

In today’s context, people identify themselves with their profession, religion, race, nationality, language, region or sex. Rarely do they identify themselves as human beings. This narrow sense of self-identity leads to myriad schisms in the world. Spiritual knowledge, that is beyond all religions, rituals and dogmas, effects an elevation of the consciousness, leading to the embracing of universal values and an expanded self-identity. Such knowledge brings about a change in the outlook of people and makes them see divinity in every aspect of life.

Our proposed centres will, therefore, aim at making students look beyond narrow geographical barriers and consider the entire World and Universe as a one family. Such lofty ideals were embedded in the ancient Tamil Cittar system. Ancient Cittars traveled the world and have set up such spiritual practices they felt they should at. 

TYOGA now continues the work of the Ancient ones.

Cittar teachings are, at its depths, a grand philosophy of life, that many Cittars lead, leaving behind for humanity the knowledge and practices they lived on to achieve their highest being in life. Ancient Tamil Cittar teachings given my the mystic masters encourages all sentient beings to transcend life’s sufferings by casting away desires and mental afflictions and thereby embark on a journey to attain the ultimate level of spiritual understanding and purpose of life for one.


 TYOGA is proud to play a part in Cittar Yogam's  growing popularity and acceptance to a world wide audience. 

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