TYOGA is the only institution of learning in the world teaching the Cittar Teachings and Traditions. It is based on an ancient teaching methodology with a friendly cosmopolitan community of students that come from all walks of life irrespective of their age. With everything you need in one place, and living a monastic lifestyle it’s not surprising that our students describe TYOGA as ‘a home from home’.

TYOGA CITTAR GURUKULAM is located at Chidambaram, the ancient and spiritual wisdom center where many ancient Cittars practiced and lived in the state of Tamil Nadu – Tamilagam. TYOGA is a short distance from the world-famous Tillai Nataraja Temple, a one of its kind temple and the Samadi of Cittar Tirumular. Our Gurukulam has been designed for personal attention and monastic simple living with high thinking principles in ones day to day life experiences. It is an arena of training and teaching in discipline and silence. It is an environment where each student deals with living in an environment with others and yet have their training. The center is designed for a maximum of 16 students to live practice and learn at any given time.

The Gurukulam is in constant development to upgrade its systems for her students.

At TYOGA Gurukulam in Chidambaram, you’ll study and live within a spiritual environment that goes to see that all human beings are one. That each has their own journey to fulfill and that Cittar Yogam shows you that way to fulfill in this lifetime.

We are Yoga and Spiritual focused, which means that we embed practices and knowledge stage by stage throughout our whole curriculum, engage with a discipline of activities and practices every day 7 days a week.

This Yogic facing approach provides students with the knowledge, practical skills, and experience that employers will look for, giving them the best chance of career success. Producing highly employable professional people who are in demand for their knowledge, skills, and competence is built into the courses. The high vocational content means students are more ‘work-ready’ than many other yoga teachers qualified in their area of expertise. These students are also ready for further study.

We are home to Cittar teachings and practices in human wellness and spiritual wellbeing for all who are looking at a change in their life and purpose – to bring in positive karma. We are also home to a truly international community of seekers, practitioners for human wellness, and Yogam.

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