The Goal of TYOGA is to uplift youth and provide such skill training through mentorship programmes, and their training and teaching, grooming them to meet the 21st century lifestyle as Yoga Masters, who will make a positive impact on the lives of others they touch. The teaching principles of TYOGA are based on this objective which we constantly improve as we go along. Our set of principles are easy-to-understand and follow to build an international community of perfect yoga masters, aligned for the 21st century lifestyle. Our principles of training and grooming of our students consist of five elements that are the underlying values. They are "integrity and sound management," “passion and strength to teach others,” handle life’s challenges,’ "never pursue easy gains" and "a spirit of challenge that anticipates change."





Our work and profession provides an environment where people-centred leaders can thrive. Elements of trust, understanding, and personal responsibility are very important themes within our work. These traits must be apply in service to our students and other people around us at all times, as they are just as relevant when it comes to developing and leading.

Taking a people-centred approach can result in greater productivity, personal satisfaction, and career growth for everyone.

Ultimately it’s about you, your performance and what you can deliver.

Just remember that you don’t necessarily need the job title of “yoga master” to act as a master in the Kurukulam. Leverage your knowledge and abilities with confidence, help to mentor the students  in areas where you excel, and present a positive example for the work profession. Others will take notice and begin to view you through the leadership lens.

To 'APPLY' please mail us your resume to '' and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What You’ll Do

  • Be future focused. As yoga masters, to be successful, you must look beyond the moment, to chart your actions and ensure the ability to continue to higher standards and development within the vision set in the Kurukulam for its students..

  • Develop our own blueprint for our work, for both working in and the students. Clearly, every situation will be different, so we must set guidelines and benchmarks that can be adjusted to help us reach desired outcomes. You also must be assertive about what we teach and train our students for and what we need from others to help hone our skills and expand our work to the highest standards’ possible.

  • Lead but be part of your students and the Kurukulam. Unequivocally, you need to know that your work and teaching skills have enabled us to mediate when needed, foster collaboration, assert that we must remain open and honest in our communication even when we don’t want to hear or give “bad news,” and remain vigilant in our commitment to constituents’ voices being heard.

  • Look for the strengths and weaknesses of those students around us to build an effective and balanced team of professional exceptional yoga masters, masters that looks beyond quick fixes and works through challenges. The goal is for us, as the leaders, to get the students past “We can’t do it; it’s never been done” to the point of “Yes we can.”

  • Create Leadership qualities and groom our students as exceptional Yoga Masters. Great leadership doesn’t happen overnight, but I believe that great leaders add value to the profession and the organisation. They know how to articulate goals, motivate teams, and look to the future. They cannot be just visionaries; they must be influencers, and they must know how to execute plans. They also know that success is what matters, not who achieves it.

  • Remember at all times that we are an organization that’s based on providing Skilled Education in various forms for a world-class innovative teaching structured into a Kurukulam system for students to deal with life in front of them – The best of the ancient methods with the 21st century needs.

The Five Pillars of TYOGA

  • Living with purpose - Cittar Yogam as a core journey. We are a Spiritual Kurukulam. Our sincere work is towards perfecting ourselves and our students, eager to inspire others a natural healthy way of living with a purpose. We work for all as human beings transcending, cast, creed, religion etc working with young to old in all walks of life by providing the tools to transform.

  • Living and working together as a world family - We are a Kurukulam that fosters KARMA YOGAM, as it is the fundamental principles of life and our purpose in this lifetime to deal with. It’s about our family of human beings and how we must work together and be inspired in our work to give others. We hope in time that this family will extend to all the corners of this world to inspire others.

  • Giving back -  TYOGA is founded on Cittar Yogam. Its principle work is to maintain such ancient traditions that help better man kind and to give back by way of educating by training, practising and skilling, providing a platform and environment that others can benefit and gain from.

  • Positive Work and Health - Here in our Kurukulam we are passionate and live a lifestyle based on about positive health and wellbeing for all. 

  • Going back to the source - Every human being senses an inner longing that goes deeper than the longing for emotional and creative fulfilment. This longing comes from sensing that another, more fulfilling state of consciousness and a larger capacity to experience life must exist. Here your journey begins back to the source.