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Continuing Education

Yoga Professional Master Course  2021 Entry for Youth

This course is suitable for students who have completed their 12th schooling; who do not wish to waste their time going to a college, joining a 3 year course that does not get them anywhere. This Education gets them going in life and setting them up as early as 23 years old!

The TYOGA YPMC Curriculum is designed very carefully based on all the short falls youth are now subjected to in the name of education. When a youth finishes his or her 12th schooling, they simply do not understand what the world out there is and how to deal with it. Their college education does not prepare them to this to and they are left to fend for themselves! They join institutions with the hope that they can be educated in an area of academic excellence to get a good job. Their hopes are dashed when they come upon the realities they are subjected to. Today many graduates are without jobs. One has to ask why?  Here is a link for you to read about the reality youth are faced with on JOBS when they go out into the real world.

Yoga Professional Master Course - YPMC


The TYOGA YPMC training of 3 years to become an Accomplished Yogic Master begins the journey to transcend their 'Youth' to 'Adulthood' very comfortably with purpose. As teenagers these youth complete their schooling, and are at an important age as at 18 years, it is their first legal step to 'Adulthood.'

It is a step that takes Youth into a vast world of right responsibility and action. It is a stepping stone for youth to take control of their life setting it in motion, be accountable for their actions and to build purpose of their life and to serve humanity.

This course of 3 years is unique as it prepares the youth to adulthood and into a profession that he or she can take up immediately on completing the course any where in the world. The training and discipline brings them to perform as Unique, Educated, Inspired and most importantly Empowered to live a life with dignity, self respect, knowledgeable individuals to the fullest.

The TYOGA YPMC curriculum is a 'Boutique' practice of ancient yogic teachings, practices and lifestyle. It is the only course, system of training and lifestyle offered in India and in the world today that brings about total human wellbeing and wellness.

On completion of this 3 year training and on completing our examination and being certified by TYOGA you will be ready to go out into the world and Teach, give Workshops, Talks and even set up your own Centre of Cittar Teachings and Practices.  TYOGA will help you in this process and will keep monitoring your progress. There is a great demand for unique Masters around the world. It is a dignified respected profession that is timeless. You become your own Master! You become a part of the ancient 'Cittar' linage. This Ancient Cittar Tradition is in vogue as 'Perfected Masters' know as Cittars to self develop themselves to attain mastery of themselves. It is a timeless Spiritual Culture to attain the Highest Truth.

TYOGA YPMC on completion brings the student youth to adulthood with skill and purpose as:

  • Experienced practitioner of Cittar Yogam and other yogic practices to bring about total wellness to others. They also have the opportunity, foundation and experience to gain a deeper understanding and higher practice of Cittar Yogam. This opens their experience and knowledge to the practices and teachings of  'Kundalini' in our course as 'Advanced Master Course for a further 2 years. 

  • It opens the door to work with medical doctors to bring about wellness and wellbeing of their patients in their clinical work. 

  • It opens the door for research in many areas based on human wellness right unto The Science of Reincarnation where much work is being done at the University of Virginia.

  • Pursue a career or professional activity for which advanced knowledge of the yoga and meditation are required.

  • Pursue the academic study of these traditions as a complement to their personal experience and teaching others.

The Curriculum is based on a Modular System:

All courses, practices, teachings are 7 days a week. The timetable daily is based on ensuring the efficiency of each student to perform within a comfort zone and to be a master in each module before they can go to the next. Each module will be about a month. Total number of modules are 36 to complete the curriculum.

The focus of this YPMC programme promotes the academic study and practice of the different traditions of yoga to begin with.

 Its core unit explores the methodological foundations at the heart of yoga/meditation practice. The specialist components integrated are organised to serve as platform for further exploration where as the  more general components of the programme provides those students the  theoretical presuppositions that shaped the traditions of yoga and meditation. The programme thus offers students (a) advanced knowledge of the background to, and understanding of, yoga and meditation, from their origin in ancient India; (b) skills in research and writing on topics that pertain to yoga/meditation, drawing on  both primary sources and the  secondary source of Cittar Yogam; (c) advanced skills in presentation and communication of their knowledge of the topics covered.

  • The TYOGA YPMC is a fulltime residential curriculum and lifestyle at our training kurukulam in Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

  • The Course begins in September 2021 for a group of 14 students ONLY. ADMISSION is NOW OPEN.

  • Students who have completed their 12th standard and have passed are eligible to APPLY for this Course.

  • International students are eligible to APPLY.



  • We will consider all applications with  a 12 standard any Board Examination Certificate, Passed or any international equivalent.

  • Age 16 years to 19 years

  • Male students only at this time.

  • We take into account other elements of the application including supporting statement and references.

Costs 2021/22

INDIA STUDENTS:                                                                                                 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS

Rs.225,000/-                                                                                                            US$6,100/-

Fees for 2021/22 entrants. This is a Band 1 and 2 Costs. It includes accommodation, vegetarian diet and tuition fees only for the first year. The costs are per academic year. Please note that costs can go up each year.


There is no discriminations between Indian and foreign students. Due to rules we have to follow for foreign students under the guide lines of the Indian Government and State Government, additional costs are incurred and therefore the difference in costs between an Indian student and a Foreign student.



Professor Tiru. Amal Xavier Raj, PhD

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