Yogic Journey

Yogam as a as a means by which the basic features of the individual, namely, the physical body, the vital current, mind, consciousness and energy get mobilized and harmonised.


TYOGA’s Yogic Journey takes you into the Cittar Teachings of Yogam.


Cittars are yogins who practice Civa-Yogam and have attained Civa-gnyanam. These yogins are liberated souls while living is a state of embodied wisdom in which the yogin’s attainment transforms all aspects of human life.

Cittar Tirumular brings into focus ‘Kundalini’ and its functioning, this cosmic power that is inherent in the human body. It is the highest form of yogic practice. No yogic training or teaching is complete without mastering of the Kundalini energy. corresponds to the predominant psychological states and the levels of spiritual consciousness, the aspirant has attained. Kundalini-Yoga is a technique for transforming ordinary consciousness into supreme consciousness. The function of pranayama (the control of breath and prana) is to awaken the cakras and thus facilitate the rising kundalini through them. The Tirumandiram – the compilation of Cittar Tirumular’s teachings are a repository of many mantirams where he He defines the mantrams as the concentration of the vital force at a point where its sound emitting power gets exhibited.


The Cittar mystical experience is a state of transcendental awareness or a state of oneness. He explains the various levels of consciousness which pertain to Tirumular’s concept of mysticism and mystic experience.


The Concept of the Human Body in the Tirumandiram

Cittar Tirumular looked at the body as an excellent instrument to succeed in one’s spiritual endeavors. He gives suggestions to enrich the instrument (the body) through observance of medical and ethical principles. He even shows the way for the delivery of defectless birth of progenies. The scope of the Tirumandiram is not only the advancement of the individual, but the welfare of the whole society.


Yogic Journey is for those who wish to follow the Cittar Teachings and practices to the highest levels possible through years of training.


This chapter of TYOGA – Yogic Journey is for those who simply seek a spiritual path.

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