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All Costs

All costs have been carefully calculated to ensure a cost effective programme and delivery for the student. The cost are divided under different categories to ensure that each system works independently of the other yet, students getting the best out of it.

These costs do not include the up and down travel costs to the TYOGA YPMC Kurukulam. It also does not include the personal costs the individual student will have to spend monthly.

These costs only cover the tuition fees, food and accommodation for a year.

Costs are to be paid directly under each heading and are to be paid in full for a year of 12 modules. Payments are to be paid by cheque, bank draft, bank transfer and no cash will be received.


You will receive a confirmation email once the payments has successfully been completed.  

Fees Refund and Charging Policy

Costs for the academic year are payable in full when admission is offered. Once payments are made and confirmed by us there will be no refunds at any time. The Kurukulam takes only 14 students each year and costs are calculated on all 14 students studying for the year. If one student withdraws, the cost of managing the programme will be affected for the others. Therefore the policy of the Kurukulam is once paid and confirmed, it is taken for granted that the student will serve the full course of 3 years to get the desired result to becoming a International Yoga Master.

No leave of absence will be given for any student.

The Kurukulam calculates costs liability per month to ensure the financial discipline that is met.

Costs 2021/22

INDIA STUDENTS:                                                                                                 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS

Rs.255,000/-                                                                                                            US$6,100/-

Fees for 2021/22 entrants. This is a Band 1 and 2 Costs. It includes accommodation, vegetarian diet and tuition fees only for the first year. The costs are per academic year. Please note that costs can go up each year.


There is no discriminations between Indian and foreign students. Due to rules we have to follow for foreign students under the guide lines of the Indian Government and State Government, additional costs are incurred and therefore the difference in costs between an Indian student and a Foreign student.



Professor Tiru. Xavier Raj

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